hello humans

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Hi I'm Ryun I just noticed how bad my introduction was so I'm rewriting it I also changed some what so xD

•Hiya my Username is ewryun but you can call me Ryun
•I'm a bit obsessed with anime and kpop
•Umm I live in hawaii *insert address
• I am Korean and Taiwanese
•I'm big gay
• My favorite TV show is big bang theory and young Sheldon even tho I'm stupid
• Love Simon is the best movie of all time other than Heather's

\(>o<)/ (•ᴗ•)❤ (*^3^)/~♡


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Hi Ryun!! You can call me Bum.

You're very cute, thank you for the photo. Who's your favorite member of BTS? It's nice to meet you!
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Heya Ryun, I'm brooke it's nice to meet you, and honestly that kpop obsession is such a mood... totally not obvious from my name