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I often get stuck in the mentality of "Just make it to Friday" or "Just make it to the end of the day". Lately I feel everything to be pointless. I don't really feel comfortable talking to my step parent about this, and my therapist doesn't help. My medicine barely helps, things I use to enjoy just quicken the pace of my down ward spiral. I've tried so many things and talked to so many people about how I feel, but none of it changes. The longer I live the more I hate leaving the house and just hate people in general. Nothing brings me joy anymore and nothing gives me feeling. I feel the more i'm around people the more I feel alone. So, here's hoping someone on this god forsaken planet has something to say about this.

Thanks, James
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Well, that is quite sad to be blunt.
Be sure to find something that you enjoy, to take you out of reality. Absorb yourself into what you enjoy best. For example, maybe drawing or sports could help. Anything works.
If nothing works, at least that you try, be sure to message me on the website or the server for advice and somebody to talk to.
I'm extremely sorry that your life isn't going the way it imagined. I'm going to bet that it will get much better in the future, I promise.


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I've been the same way for the past year. I still haven't found a "cure", but I've found that forcing myself to excersise, listen to music, go outside, watch a movie, read a book, or do anything at all helps to distract me and keep me mind off my problems. It's hard- sometimes impossible, but try anyways. It helps, even if it's just by a bit. It sounds cliche, but having experienced this myself (and currently going through it), best thing to do is to talk about it or be around people. It's the last thing I want when I'm feeling down and I feel like I hate everything and everyone, but it does help.

If you have a good friend, talk to them. If you don't, talk to family members or even someone on the internet. You don't even have to discuss your feelings- just spend time with them, chat, and it'll help. Whatever you do, don't sit for hours doing nothing or it'll get worse and worse. Find a distraction.

The best thing, I've found, is worrying about someone else. I went through a period where a family member was in danger of losing everything they had and I completely forgot about my problems, my hate, and my emptiness. Oddly, my worry and panic for them really helped me feel more alive and normal for a while. Maybe try to help out other people or be there for them.

That's all just from my experience- different things help different people, so I don't know how helpful this'll be to you, but maybe you could try it. Have hope, be positive, be kind to yourself, and find something to look forward to. You'll be alright.
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Not to be rude but why are you talking about this on a minecraft forums? Like if this is something you genuinely feel is important to you talk to someone who can actually do something rather than a bunch of kids online.
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Ah yes, i too loved 1.15, aka the depression update. It truly revolutionised gaming as a whole.