How to change the capitalization of your Minecraft username without waiting the 30 days


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There's an interesting feature that has been discovered quite a long time ago, but still, it isn't a very popular thing.

The technique consists of changing the capitalization of the letters in your Minecraft username, example: my username is Ly4, I could change it to lY4 or LY4 (Yeah I know it's kind of pointless with mine, but some of you could find a use for that!)

Without further ado, let's get straight to the explanation of how to do that trick:

Step 1
  • Head into your .minecraft folder:
  • On Windows, press the Windows Key + R, type %appdata% in the text box, press OK then open ".minecraft"
  • On macOS, open finder, click “Go”, then click “Go to folder” and enter the following -~/Library/Application Support/minecraft)
Step 2
  • Now that you're in the right folder, open the launcher_profiles.json file with a text editor - Preferably something like Notepad++ or Sublime Text.
Step 3
  • Find your name in the file
  • “displayName”: “Ly4” | You can find it easily by pressing CTRL+F for Windows or COMMAND+F for macOS and typing "“displayName”:" in it.
Step 4
  • Now that you see your username, feel free to change the capitalization of your username.
  • Keep in mind that changing your name to something that isn't just changing the capitalization would result in not being able to pass the authentification servers, meaning that you won't be able to play. If you want to be sure that doesn't happen, make a backup of the file, or else you can just type your normal username back in the same launcher_profiles.json file.
In case you are wondering:
Mojang hasn't spoke about that, and this trick exists since the new launcher came out, if in the future Mojang says they do not allow this, I will be taking down this thread. For now, doing this puts your account in no risk at all.

EDIT 03/14: The changed username doesn't update on CF, trying to find a fix for this and if I do I'll edit it onto this thread.
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oof my name gonna be in all caps

edit: nvm almost broke the darn minecraft must have essed something up cRap
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oof my name gonna be in all caps

edit: nvm almost broke the darn minecraft must have essed something up cRap
Yeah, you have to be pretty careful, just one character different and it causes the authentification error, and then you have to switch it back. Be careful with it! Hope you managed to put it all back together.


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Think it's been patched already!
No, it's not been patched, I tried before posting this, retried it now and it works.
on CF, it just doesn't update if you changed your name's color with /male, /female or with /name if you're a donator so you have to do /none, I think.