How to improve your report ratio


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Tips and tricks on improving your report ratio

As you can tell by the thread title, this guide will give you some tips and tricks on boosting up your report ratio!
If you want to know how to report players in-game, then click here.
| Going to roleplays
It's a good idea to go to some roleplays, or dating centers that you see pop up in the advertising chat. There could be some inappropriate or offensive content there, and if you find some you can report it and staff can handle it. Sometimes there are rule breaking messages on signs or in books, which you can also report on the website with the correct evidence needed, or you can call over a staff member (if there is one online and available) to handle the situation then and there.

| Keeping a close eye
If someone breaks a rule in chat, you can report them. However, most of the time the staff are on the case, so keeping a close a close eye on chat will improve your confirmed side of your report ratio since if you report a message, and staff mute just after, you will still receive a confirmed report.

| Reading over the rules
A lot of players can get false reports because they break rules in chat, but it does not apply for that. For example: Encouraging spam in advertising chat is not a punishable offense, yet players do report it. If you read over and just double check up on everything so you do not report someone for the wrong reasons.

| Being careful
Players do report others on accident because they either click on the wrong message, or they go to tag someone but they report a message, and possibly some other reasons. Being careful is key since if you report a message on accident that is not against any rules it will damage your report ratio and that is not what you want.

| Enabling all chats
This can help since players will break rules in all channels and not just one, so if you have [A] chat disabled, I would highly recommend enabling it in case someone breaks rules there and you miss out a report.

I will add some more tips later if I think of any, but for now, that's it from me!
Thank you for taking your time to read this and I wish you the very best with getting your report ratio up!​
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