I need advice


Ok so, I have this friend I've met on here and I found out that she lives near my family in my dad's town.

Every time I go to my dad's town, I talk to that friend to see how we could meet up, without my parents being extremely mad at me. My parents are extremely strict and will NEVER let me meet up with online friends. I really want to obey my parents, as I'm Christian and I generally think it's the right thing to do, but I'm also dying to meet my internet friends. I basically want to meet them in secret, but then afterwards have a reason of how I know them so I don't have to keep the friendship hidden from my parents. I have no idea how to do this though. I have more friends who I want to meet up with, but this girl is currently the closest I can get right now.

So what do you guys think I should do?


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How about saying they are a fairly new person you became at your school who you befriended? You could say they used to live in your dad's city (or a town nearby) and recently moved to your area. They happened to go back to that city the same day as you and you decided to meet up. How does that sound?

Also, I know exactly who this is about and that what I just said is completely fake.

Don't take my advice seriously, this is just something I came up with.


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This probably won't be helpful, but from personal experience I feel the best way to get them to understand is by being bluntly honest.
Though, all parents really react differently to things (for example, things like this).
I come from a Christian background as well, and the way my parents found out I had online friends was /not/ the best,
but I realized: They both back mutual friends from around the world. via, facebook and other social media pages.
You know your parents best, so you just need to think upon how to come forward on it.
I'm sure you'll feel relieved after it's over.

Best of luck to you! xxx


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- When you go the mall with your family, meet up in the bathroom
- Plan something to hangout with friends and meet her up there
-Meet up at the (enter sport) game, or see if she wants to join your team.

These are some ideas I might use if I ever want to meet my online friend


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I've never met an online friend irl, but here are some things I'd probably do.

-Say your going to a mall or something, and meet up there
-Say your going to a friends house, meet up with friend at someplace, and say something like "My friend had this really cool person there, and I want to hang out with them more".

The hardest option is to be honest. Trust me, the idea of my parents finding out I even have an account on this website is terrifying. But if you really have no ideas, then I'd be honest.

I hope these suggestions are somewhat helpful.


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I’m Christian as well, and I acknowledge that parents can be quite skeptical about these types of things. I’d recommend being as honest and sincere if possible, as lying could effect you later on if they found out it was a lie.


Just say you're meeting with a new friend you don't have to say it was an online friend therefore you aren't lying


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@Inhf I've gone through exactly the same thing with meeting Ash in person, my mum is very strict and I didn't tell her that I was going to meet him until after she had a feeling and asked me, since I've been telling the truth, she has been more laid back with me and now I've seen him 3 times in person.


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this is probably not what you want to hear but i personally, strongly disagree with meeting online strangers without your parents knowing about it. it’s best to be honest with them, etc.


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I think you should be honest, definitely, but a trick that always works for me and my mom is being vague about the situation. That’s just with me though. Best of luck to you! <3