IcyNarwhal, the staff of a lab rp.


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So, as another player that will remain anonymous and I poked some holes- mainly calling the character of the staff'(IcyNarwhal), 'Jayth', op a couple of times, we were asked to suggest improvements on the character instead of deriding it. And so begins the crapstorm. We did suggest some improvements- not going all out on the other characters as this 'Jayth' is portrayed with god-like power. The owner of 'Jayth' says that b/c abuse in his early years he couldn't. We accepted that explanation and waited. In a previous confrontation with the Head Scientist, this character portrays a power of explosions. And, in a later confrontation, uses 'little explosions' under his skin to superheat it.
As you'd expect, there was holes in this. I asked if he had super-regeneration. There was no such power, he assured. I then came to the logical conclusion that his skin layer would have more holes that Swiss cheese. He didn't respond at that remark. At this time, a staff member at the lab privately messaged me. He confirmed my suspicions and said that, because he was below IcyNarwhal in plot hierarchy, he couldn't do anything about the level of OP that 'Jayth' was at. My character, who was maybe 3 levels below this 'Jayth' froze the ground under him, the walls around him, and the ceiling above him. He didn't respond at all, just ignored it. I complained in parentheses and was ignored again. Thus I tried again. He said he responded to the second freeze, but I didn't see it in chat- there were other names of the same color after all. I, following the rules, then notified him through /msg as he was the owner of the lab rp, that 'IcyNarwhal was ignoring me.' He responded that he did and made the accusation, most likely not being literal, that I was blind. I denied the claims, and other role-players defended me. My character then promptly threw up an ice wall and walked off. IcyNarwhal, breaking immersion, followed me through the wall without typing an action of shattering it or otherwise. He followed me until I stopped, and then promptly kicked me off the plot. I teleported back to the staff member mentioned earlier, and I confirmed my presence in parentheses.
I was denied from that plot following that statement.
I offer you this tale as a cautionary one. Keep your criticisms to yourself as you embark on the lab owner by IcyNarwhal.
Feel free to talk to the staff, though. They're quite nice.
This was just a play-by-play. If you have any similar encounters with this player, feel free to put them down below.
Also, if you'd like to meet me in-game, my name is AdMeliora now.
Found the home- /home labidi. It's quite well built, imo.
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