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Throughout the past thirty years the International Emergency, Defense, and Prevention Organization has protected millions of people world-wide from natural and man-made disasters alike. As of currently, they're the one responsible for responding to a new epidemic that's been plowing through eastern America and parts of southern Canada and have plans to assist in the future recovery of both countries. They are in the process of developing a vaccine for it and once it's finished it will be distributed between both countries.

To everyone in the South Eastern states, we are requesting that you prepare yourselves and your loved ones for possible evacuation. While as of now it's not certain that evacuation will be needed, it is just a precaution for the future. And remember: attempt to avoid all contact with infected individuals, report anyone who show violent symptoms or symptoms typically associated with rabies, heavy skin discoloration, and chronic vomiting, wear a face mask, and await official instructions.

After multiple reports of a new, and very deadly, disease sweeping across the Eastern American Seaboard the International Emergency, Defense, and Prevention Organization deployed there and became heavily involved in responding to it. At first trial vaccinations were created and awareness campaigns dedicated to alerting the public were hosted, as they believed this to just be the next flu. Eventually the infected population started showing symptoms similar to that of rabies and violent tendencies, and in haste to contain the recently mutated virus they attempted to evacuate any non-infected citizens from highly infected areas with most evacuations unfortunately resulting in failure. Riots starting breaking out and local law enforcement worked closely with them to maintain control as the situation started spiraling.

Eventually due to the IEDPO's continuous failures, the military finally stepped in. Any cities deemed a "lost cause" and all entrances to those cities were bombed to all hell, if one or more infected individuals were spotted within a crowd of civilians, unfortunately the crowd would be fired into randomly (which led to heavy casualties on the civilian's parts), and any civilians left behind from evacuations were encouraged to take up arms against the infected.

Maybe you're a doctor, or a patient or a civilian. Someone who was evacuated and ended up here, or someone who willing works here. It doesn't matter now; you're here, you're alive, and what matters now is that your world is gone, and that you're here for a purpose.


  • Currently, this roleplay is going to be taking place in a lab-like setting, yet I don't want it to become a lab roleplay. There will be no powers, there will be none of cf's definition of "testing" (as while yes, tests will be preformed on patients residing in the facility for certain, it's going to be more similar to blood tests and trial vaccinations and mystery medicines instead of whatever lab rps have today), and there will be no arena for fighting. So if it's a lab roleplay you're looking for, this (hopefully) won't be the roleplay for you.​
  • At the moment there are a total of seven roles: Carriers, Immunes, and NonImmunes acting as patient roles, and Orderlies, Nurses, and Physicians, acting as IEDPO personnel roles. In the future I would like to add military roles.​
  • The roleplay map is not built yet, and the images I've provided are WIP images of the roleplay box. The box is most likely to undergo major changes in the future.​
  • This does takes place during a zombie apocalypse, and I will be including elements of that into the facility (such as quarantined wings, completely ravaged by the infected).​
  • There will be mild gore, but nothing exceeding cf's rules.​
  • I'm not completely sure when this roleplay will be finished. As of right now, I am the only one working on it, and I have not actively been searching for staff. While I will not discourage anyone from wanting to become staff here, I don't think that right now I'm going start posting advertisements for builders and chat moderators and all that.​
"Out here, they're either immune, dead, or er- zombies." - Bill Overbeck, Left 4 Dead 1.
"Patient" Roles:
  • Carriers are individuals who harbor the virus, yet show no physical signs or mental deterioration. They are high priority within the facility, as simply being in the same room as a non-immune individual can infect that non-immune individual. They are to be isolated and closely monitored until an effective vaccination is developed.​
  • Immunes are individuals who are completely immune to the virus and are of less priority than carriers. They are allowed free roam of the facility (and by "free roam," basically they can only access any rooms accessible to civilians).
  • NonImmunes are individuals who aren't immune to the virus at all (IE they can catch it and turn). They are provided masks as a precautionary measure, but as of now they should be safe if they stay in the facility and avoid carriers. They are allowed the same rights as Immunes.
Personnel Roles:
  • Physicians are a mix of IEDPO hired doctors and doctors who survived the initial outbreak and now pretty much control the facility. They hold the highest rank in the facility (excluding the head physician, who reigns above them) and are officially trained in medicine. They'll be the ones to perform blood tests, daily health check-ups, tests, and the like on patients residing in the facility.
  • Nurses are also medically trained, and have the authorization to step in for a physician if need be. They answer straight to the physicians, and pretty much nobody else. They do a lot more medical work than Orderlies do.
  • Orderlies: I have no idea what I'm going to do with this role right now.
* IEDPO personnel are not forced to disclose their immunity (or lack of) unless they carry the virus and pose a threat to the rest of the facility.


RP Box Hallway

Patient Role Room

Backstory Room

Quarantine Sign

* Disclaimer: this was inspired by the L4D games! Not all concepts belong to me.

Does this actually sound like an interesting concept to anybody? As stated before I haven't even finished the box yet, and I don't know whether or not to scrap the idea.

The home name is currently /home IEDPO. Please feel free to visit it for yourself. Feedback and suggestions are heavily appreciated!


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looks like someone is winning in plague inc :oops::oops:

seems like a very cool idea! definitely looking forward to visiting when it's running