Lighting Updates

Hi everyone,

Lighting glitches have become a bigger problem ever since we updated from 1.13 however some significant performance improvements have been made with the lighting engine on the server which is why I am now confident that there should be no problems with giving all players access to fix lighting glitches on a plot. This thread will list the limitations of the fixlighting command and also explain changes to how WorldEdit will deal with lighting.

How to fix lighting glitches
The new command to fix lighting glitches is /fixlight <radius>
The maximum radius you are allowed to specify is 25
You can only run this command once every 30 seconds
You can only fix lighting glitches if you are the owner of the plot

WorldEdit and lighting

Previously we were setting every chunk section that WorldEdit modified to have its skylight level set to 15, this would make things bright even though they are not supposed to be.
Here's an example:

WorldEdit will now correctly light every chunk section it modifies.
Here's an example:

Plot clear light glitches
At the moment plot clearing does not use the new lighting engine that we are using in fixlight and our own WorldEdit plugin, this results in plot clear causing lighting glitches. We hope to have a solution that will run the fix lighting logic when running the plot clear command but for now we advise that you use the fixlight command to fix these lighting glitches manually.


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Finnally! This is perfect! I'd been waiting for this for so long!

@SuperMonis Edit: for some reason, //set glowstone still isn't working to light up the spawn of /home ChronicleQuest, so is this a bug?