Build Help Needed Mystic Isle: CreativeFun's Largest Amusement Park


After the loss of the original Adventure Isle Theme Park built by TaylorWM and _Scuderia, will now come a place much larger in size and unlike any other park on the server. Mystic Isle, inspired by the likes of Disney, will be considered Adventure Isle's sister park and will span the entirety of an entire 505x505 plot. While I am aware minecarts do not function on the server, the main goal of this park is to focus on the details and to immerse guests into another world like none other. This whole park is planned to open to the server by May of 2021, so if anyone's up for the challenge to help with the construction of the biggest amusement park in CreativeFun history, I am always open to opportunities to help build and create an experience like none other. :)
Mt. Prometheus, inspired by the works of sci-fi author, Jules Verne, will be the center and the highlight of the park, featuring rides such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Journey to the Center of the Earth inside the volcanic structure.
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The inspiration and reference for Mystic Isle will be DisneySea, a park located in Japan, and known for its incredible detail and immersion.


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Honestly, I don't see the point in this if you can't ride the rides, but I know what you mean and am willing to help, though I might be busy with other projects. I'll be able to pitch in every now and then to help, but I might not be able to help all the time.