New Hub Build

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New Hub Build

Hi all,

With the Christmas holiday coming up we've decided to use a new build for the hub spawn built by the courteous @Libbyliz and help from @Shanah. They both did an amazing job and deserve all the praise they get for this build. We hope that you all enjoy some of the mini easter eggs and games that we've added to this hub such as finding all the panda heads, finding your way through the maze and the parkour! So be sure to explore the different rooms and outside area of the hub. A lot of time was spent on this build project so please feel free to leave some feedback and your thoughts on the build. With that said, stay tuned for the next homepage post which will be about the upcoming "Plot Staff" feature.

See you all soon :)
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I'm so happy it's finished
Couldn't have done it without @Shanah ! Made it all worth it in the end. Thank you for the opportunity :> :cool:
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That.. is.. just wow!
@Libbyliz @Shanah you Guys did amazing!
I love it and will definitely try all the Easter eggs
Except for the maze cuz I will rage stay halfway through


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Can't wait for a birthday hub!


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Love it, nice job guys!

I need to get online to see this rn xD


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Who’s birthday? Mooonis’s??
I mean, it can be for both birthdays, there's only 10 days between them.

Anyway, very nice job Libby and Shanah!
Even though I was one of the builders of the previous hub, I have got to say that this one looks better.
Well done! :D


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Congrats Libby & Shanah it's great, well done guys
This is one of the best hubs, really well done
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wow new hub right when i got a temp ban fUn :'>