New Scoreboard

Hey everyone,

It's been some time since any server updates have been posted but I'd like to announce that a new scoreboard has been designed for the server since the current one is quite old and doesn't show relevant information. This will be put on the live server on next restart. The scoreboard will now include information such as the total player count, report ratio, number of warnings and the amount of worldedit time you have remaining. The scoreboard should now look something like this:

Small changes to note would be that the server name appears as the scoreboard title, "Channel" has been renamed to "Chat", the colour of the chat you're in will change depending on which one you're in. If you're in global it will show in grey, if you're in local it will show in yellow, if you're in advertising it will show in aqua, if you're in server it will show in gold and if you're in staff it will show in red. The first letter of the chat you're in has also been capitalised. If you have not voted for WorldEdit the scoreboard will show "Use /vote".

In this example I've voted for WorldEdit so it shows the amount of time I have remaining before it expires.

That's all for now, updates have been slow recently but this is due to time being spent on an upcoming server update that we've been working on that will improve the server experience for many people (Not related to Beta Tester). It has been in development for quite a while with multiple people being involved with testing it and is one of the more larger updates we've ever made to the server but the wait will be worth it ;).


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The new scoreboard is super clean and well formatted, but it would be nice if you added back how many friend requests you have back onto the scoreboard.