ONE YEAR?! Thanks guys!!! <3


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Heya folks!

Most of you probably already know me, but if you don't, I'll introduce myself. I'm Ingrid (mostly known as Ing), I'm a Dutch 15 year old girl and I'm a Moderator on this beautiful server! And it's been exactly a year now, I can't explain how happy I am right now xD :D !

In this thread I'll talk about the last year and I'll throw some screenshots in (cos that's funny) and yeah that's it so let's go!!! Btw I had to cross some words out because some one of my friends likes to swear so yeah that's not good xD

So in like November/December last year, I met this amazing friend group (you'll know who I'm talking about if you were in the friend group) who became my best friends on the server, they've seen me grow from non-donator to $65 Server Moderator and I want to take some time to thank these friends so much and I love you all so SO much guys. Thanks to you I've become a staff member on this server, I looked up to some of you as staff and you're all just amazing. Love you guys! This is also when I became active on the forums lol, here's a screenshot our names!

We had this groupchat, and we would always be in a call and play a song with a screaming goat in it, and when it would scream.. Yeah this happened xD


So then there's when I /actually/ got promoted, and with a friend group like mine, that meant they all freaked out xD

After a month or two, @vlodge and I had the idea to create a company, and with my empty plot, we created Oceania (more info here but please don't react to it, as it hasn't had a reply in over a month:) )

Around that time.. Yeah we don't speak of that time xD It was fun, but sometimes it got a bit out of hand (totally not talking about CF's shipping era) xD EDIT: I was looking for an old thread for the next screenshots, and I found /SO/ many threads about that, like wth lol xD

We used to hang out with the staff a lot though, which resulted in this:

A friend and I used to have matching usernames, which could get a BIT confusing... Check this thread (No replies please)

On July 30th, a little thing happened.. xD

We've done so much fun stuff on the server, and it's all been so much fun. There have been days when it has been tough, but the community has always been there for me and that's why I love you guys. You're caring and lovable. Although many of my friends have left, there were always people to comfort me again so I can enjoy the good memories I've had with these people and I can create new memories (not that my old friends will ever be replaced cos literally NO ONE can replace them)

I love you guys and I hope you've enjoyed this thread! Thanks for letting me be staff and for the amazing time in the community! Cya soon folks!
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Aye! It has indeed been very fun having you on the team for the past year!
Apart from the Shipping Era, that was bad...
The few months before your ChatMod promotion were of course fun too!

You’ve definitely deserved this all, you’ve done a great job as a Staff Member! Congrats once again, here’s to another year! :D

Also, gotta love your last message in the second screenshot lol


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Ah Ingrid you are doing, and have done, the server amazing. I cant congratulate you enough Ing. And i cant say i didn't expect it. Well done aaa! <3


This is really sweet! I also do enjoy you as a staff member. You're very kind and helpful,, We all appreciate what you do for us on CF <3