Plot Announcements

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This is going to be a useful feature in many cases, such as games and especially roleplays.
One issue, however. Can the "[player] Announced:" part of that be on the bottom? The most important part of this would be the announcement itself, right? So it would be more fitting to be front and center, unless there must be an issue with that.
If the message is too big it will be cut from the screen which is why the message is displayed at the bottom in order to let you write more.


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I love it, It makes the players to hear you at any time, even though you have to wait a minute between announcements, it is quite amazing. Thanks for adding this, Monis!


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We are still having fear thanks to your creepy Minecraft skin. go away.
(xd Jk ILY my dood.)


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I really do love this feature!
(I especially just use It to make rainbow messages)