Plot Commands


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Hopefully this guide will help you with different, basic, plot commands, and give you a detailed explanation of what they do, and how they work.
/plot auto:
This will teleport you to a random plot in the plotworld, and will claim it for you. It will also set you as the owner of the plot, and will give you access to build straight away.

/plot claim:
This will claim the current plot that you are standing on. If the plot is claimed, it wont claim it, and if you are not in a plot, nothing will happen. Make sure you are in a plot for this command.

/plot home:
This will teleport you back to your plot, from where ever you are. So, if you are at spawn and you are having trouble looking around for your plot, you can easily teleport there using this command.

/plot add:
This will give a player access to build on your plot, but there are restrictions. They will not be allowed to use world edit /vote, and will not be allowed to build whist the plot owner is offline. /plot add Player123.

/plot trust:
This is the exact same as /plot add although it lets them build when the plot owner is offline, and they can use world edit /vote.

/plot deny:
This will simply ban a player from coming onto your plot, although, $25+ are able to bypass this using pets, but it is a glitch. Staff are genuinely allowed to bypass this since the plot may have an inappropriate build, or something against the rules.

/plot kick:

This is self explanatory, but this makes the player you have chosen to be kicked from your plot. It will teleport them a certain location on the server, but they are allowed back to your plot.

/plot info:
This command will list information all about plot, it should look like this:
Plot Information.png

/plot sethome:
This changes the location of your plot spawn, so when you do /plot home it will teleport you to the location you have set this to. I believe, what ever position you type this command, players will spawn exactly like that.

/plot center: /plot middle:
This commands do the exact same thing, they will teleport you to the centered block of your plot. This command can be helpful if you want to build a spawn, and wish to use the center.

/plot remove:
This will remove a player that is added or trusted from your plot; meaning they cannot use world edit, or build on your plot anymore.

/plot clear: /plot confirm:
These commands come one, before another. Typing /plot clear first and then /plot confirm allows you to clear your plot with in seconds, although, there have been some cases where world edit lightning glitches have appeared, if this appears, either re-log, or place blocks into the dark bits and break them.

All commands:
Please remember that not all commands are availible for us to use, also, some come with in donation ranks such as:
/plot set biome and /plot set border.

If there are more commands you would like added to this list, put them in the replies below and I'll be sure to add them, please make sure they are available for all players on the server before you reply.



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How?? (Sorry for spamming your alerts saskunia)
Secret ;3 Haha sorry, google "Canva" and click the website, you will know what to do from there, also for the background picture you can screenshot minecraft and use it. Hope this helps.


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I'm trying to do /plot clear but it won't work. the only thing that comes up is: 'you must wait an hour between clearing plots' and I never cleared a plot. Please help.


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I'm trying to do /plot clear but it won't work. the only thing that comes up is: 'you must wait an hour between clearing plots' and I never cleared a plot. Please help.
its a glitch, sorry, try world editing the plot out, or asking an admin to clear it for you.