Plot Minigames Concept

Hi everyone,

I wanted to make a post to see what the community thinks about my new concept for the server. As of right now my artistic vision for the server feels greatly limited, a lot of our server updates have been roleplay related or build related but I feel like I'm working within a small box. I have personally never been fond of minigames because of how repetitive and mundane they are but I know that there is a large portion of the minecraft community that enjoy minigames. With that being said I would like to propose my own unique concept for minigames on the server and gather feedback from the community on whether I should pursue this idea.

Plot Minigames Concept
So what do I mean by plot minigames? Essentially my idea is to allow players to use their own plots with their own builds to host various minigames on. If you wanted to host team deathmatch or capture the flag on a mansion you've built for example you would be able to run some commands to set up the spawn points, flag destination and allowed build area. You would be able to save and load your minigame setup so there's no need to worry about setting spawn locations every time you wanted to host the minigame. There would of course be a guide on the forums about how to set up the minigame with different parameters.

Each plot could keep track of the top 10 players with the most wins and a clan system could also be introduced to see which clan can rack up the most wins during a given month. A rating system could also be introduced where players can rate another user's map. There's a lot of room for creativity with this idea and I'm sure some players are going to come up with some elaborate or chaotic builds that will make certain minigames hectic fun. The details on how advertising a minigame would work have yet to be determined but most likely there will be a GUI and separate chat channel where players would be able to advertise their plot minigame.

Initially one minigame would be released and once that minigame has been perfected we would do a community poll on the next minigame that should be added. I'm curious to see what the community thinks about this idea so feel free to comment below on whether this is something you'd like to see on the server :)