PSA: Lets stop making "fix chat filter" or "change the rules" threads.


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Ok, I got a quick PSA.

Lets stop making "fix chat filter" or "change the rules" threads.


It's beacuse no matter how much support a thread can get, or how many likes it will obtain,

I said in an earlier post that CF Moderation will get changed whenever Elon Musk gets on Saturn. And, admit it, it's true. It's not GOING to be changed, it's not GOING to be fixed, so why bother?
The Chat Filter will also NEVER PROBABLY be fixed. It is in such a broken and bashed state and yet it is somehow more important to update the server. Why? Why? If it aint broke, don''t fix it.

So, that concludes our PSA.

aye thanks

by the way if this thread turns into ww3 im getting it locked so be civil please


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I'm sad that this is so true :,) No matter how many "fix the chat filter"/"fix the moderation" threads I see, nothing will ever get fixed. I honestly want change for the better. However, making threads about fixing the filter/moderation is just wasted effort. No matter how many strong points a thread has, it will ultimately be shot down/get ignored if its about fixing the moderation or the chat filter. I just kinda gave up lol.

I'm just desperately hoping that someday, the pleas of the players will finally be heard. We definitely deserve better but we will just have to make do with what we have now, considering that any good change isn't coming any time soon (which is really sad).


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I'm sorry about the concerns you have with the moderation and filter. Though, if you have any issues with moderation or certain staff, I suggest messaging higher staff. We do want to hear your opinions, so please feel free to tell the team any suggestions you have (I suggest talking to Ecoya, LetsTimeOut or SuperMonis). If we don't know your concerns with moderation or staff members, not much can be done. The thing is, as a ChatMod I can't personally do much, but messaging higher staff with any of your concerns is recommended.

Regarding the filter, please take note, we all have the chat filter. This even includes staff. So, I would just like to let you know the chat filter is being worked on, which is why there are similar answers in chat filter threads. But, please don't worry because it takes a while! It's just that the 1.15 update comes first as it's much easier to complete since Monis just needs to create his w/e plugin, whereas the chat filter has a lengthy process and when it gets to phrases and individual words/false-positives, it's something that has to be monitored over time and not just added straight away, which is why 1.15 is the focus right now - after that, the filter will be worked on.

Feel free to read more in a recent post by SuperMonis about the chat filter here. If there are certain false-positives you spot, I suggest you let Monis know so he will be able to add it later.

If you have any further questions about the filter or moderation, feel free to ask. Thanks :)


Many staff have said that after the 1.15 update to the server, (Which has just happened) that the upper staff members, (Owners, co-owners, etc) will begin working on the filter! Even some rules in the past have been changed, like the alcohol rule for /local, and now staff must be at least 13 to apply for chatmod!