Re: My Grievances with Danganronpa RPs (+ Danganronpa Meeting/Seminar)

Recently a lot of people have been confronting me about how much they absolutely hate my forums post regarding the grievances I have with Danganronpa RPs. So I am going to finally clear this controversy up.

First, I believe that a lot of the people who read and replied to that thread have some misconceived ideas on what that thread is and what it proposes. The expressed purpose of this thread according to the thread itself is to highlight how some roleplays do a poor job at hosting or managing the systems of the role play. Considering how some of these owners have acted I would even go and say that my post was generous. However, the post has had some awful effects that I did not anticipate. Some roleplays mentioned recieved not just less players but so little that their staff have claimed to me that the roleplays are dead and dying as a result of the thread. I am sincerely apologetic that this post was taken more seriously by the CreativeFun community than I could have possibly expected. What was intended to be my publicized issues with a few roleplays created for owners to read this and use it as a reference on how their own roleplays could be better (including the people mentioned in it) is now causing the CF community to just not even considering giving some roleplays a try.

Secondly, one of the RPs I spoke about (Danganronpa1) no longer has the home Danganronpa1. Please do not attack Danganronpa1 because someone else owns the home now and they haven't done anything at all.

I suggest that everyone reading this post gives the poorly rated role play a chance. Just because one person dislikes something does not mean that you should take their opinion as an invariable fact. Some players dislike the roleplays I said were good. Some players like the roleplays I said were not good. In the case of danganronpa1 I don't even know if my experience was even remotely common.

Please don't refuse to even try something because other people do not like them!

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Since the forums post killed the roleplays and did not help them improve, I am going to suggest something be done way that will actually help role play owners. I will be hosting an event on 7/12/19 at 5:00PM EST. I will be hosting an event for the danganronpa community where anyone can attend a meeting which is meant to discuss ideas amongst the community in this roleplay and help roleplay owners promote themselves and improve their rps.

The home will be /home DGRmeeting. If the home is taken then it will be DGRmeeting2, DGRmeeting3, DGRmeeting4, etc.

Anyone may attend the event and listen to this meeting. If you would like a seat in this meeting please respond to this explaining why I should provide a seat. The meeting will be done in seminar style where I will be facilitating and sometimes speaking in the discussions.

If you see your name here l plan to provide a seat in the meeting and I encourage you to participate in our discussion:
*If you have a seat and cannot attend please reply notifying me of that.

LookAtTheScenery (don't expect him to attend because he's been offline for eleven days but he has a seat in the event if he attends)

I hope to see all of you there participants and audience members!

EDIT: Postphoned to 5:00PM EST (2 hour delay).
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Hey. Made an account just to reply to this. While my feelings about this whole meetup are entirely neutral, I can show up. Albeit, I'll be 10-20 minutes late. As well as that, I'd really suggest making a Discord server/group/whatever for this, because frankly, the idea of this whole meetup in Minecraft of all places seems a bit like a nightmare. But then again, that's just a suggestion. See you on Friday, I guess.


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I’m unaware if I can make it- I’ll set an alarm for 4:30am as that will be the time for me. I don’t know if my alarm will wake me up, but I’d love to come. I’ll have to see. - Cel


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Hello! I’d like to request a seat at the seminar. I am an active staff member at the Monocamp roleplay, and I am also staff on a few other danganronpa roleplays. I have been active in the danganronpa roleplay community for over a year. Because of this, I feel like I’d be able to offer some insight into the discussions being held at the table. Thank you for your consideration. ^^
Thank you to everyone that attended and came to watch! We learned a lot of things which I will be posting about soon. A lot of disputes in the community were resolved as well.
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