Reporting and Roleplay Name Changes

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Reporting and roleplay name changes

Hi everyone,

We've made it easier to get confirmed reports. There's a lot more staff members online with the recent promotions so I agree that it's a little unfair to expect people to raise their report ratio when a staff member is likely to manually mute the user instead of using the report. Now, if there's an active report and a staff member mutes the player for the same message that was reported, it will count as confirmed. This still means that you would have to report the message before a staff member punishes the user but that should be possible considering it's faster to report a message compared to a staff member who has to go through an extra step where they must input the mute reason. The reports have been reset meaning that all confirmed and dismissed reports have been removed, this is the perfect chance to improve your report ratio starting from now as we'll be on the lookout to promote even more people in the upcoming weeks.

Roleplay names have also been updated for Donators, roleplay names now match the same colour and format as your /name.


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The report message thing isn’t working for me. I believe I reported the same message because they only referenced one thing that was rude?


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just take a second to look at the house infront of Monis, thats beautiful <33