Server Progress - 14/06/2020

Hi everyone,

This post is just to give another update on the current situation with the chat filter and 1.15.2 progress.

Chat filter
A few threads have been popping up along with discussion on the server about how the chat filter needs fixing, we know it is a problem and we will be improving it this year after 1.15.2 is ready but this is not an easy thing to fix. A lot of players are having their messages blocked due to two words forming a bad word, an example would be: "as seen on tv". There is nothing inherently wrong with this message but the first two words combined will form a blocked word. In these scenarios the filter needs to be aware of exceptions to this rule, so "as seen" would be added to the filter as a phrase that should be allowed. We need to do this for every phrase that is not inherently bad but is being blocked. Every time a word is blocked by the filter it is logged so that we can then see what phrases are being blocked and what needs exceptions. This is not a plugin that can be fixed in a week, this is something that we need to develop over time to become smarter and we can do that by analyzing what phrases are being blocked and teaching the filter to allow them. At face value a filter seems simple, but it gets a lot more complex when you start dealing with phrases that have blocked words in them but are not bad. That doesn't mean you can't help out in the mean time though! At some point I will create a thread where players can write down the message they got blocked for in a post and I will make sure to deal with those phrases first and make an update message on that thread when the filter has updated. This is a much more productive way to get those that complain about the filter in chat or threads to now be part of the process on improving the filter.

1.15.2 Update
We are getting closer towards being able to update the server to 1.15.2, a lot of the hard work for WorldEdit has been completed and we are now at the stage of slowly adding support for as much WorldEdit commands as possible. To keep up to date on the specifics you should check the #progress-1-15-2 channel on the discord server. It is more likely that we will update to 1.15.2 first instead of 1.16 but moving from 1.15.2 to 1.16 will not be as big of a leap compared to 1.13.2 to 1.15.2. 1.16 introduces new blocks and 3D biomes while 1.14/1.15 changed the entire chunk and lighting system. I would also like to give some clarity on blocks that will be banned, only scaffolding will be banned while we intend to allow other blocks to be placed. Block entities such as campfires will be limited per chunk and will not be outright banned. The 1.14 update in particular added a lot of block entities, you can find a list of all the block entities that exist here:

ChatMod Applications
The summer holiday is almost here and we expect the server to start getting more busy over the next few weeks, if you meet all the requirements on becoming a staff member feel free to create an application here: as we are always looking for new people to add to the team.

That's all for now, thank you all for being so patient with us and make sure to keep yourselves safe during these troubling times.


New Member
i know chat filter is difficult to fix but i cant use the server anymore. my user (Bitheway_Fae) IS FILTERED!! i cant get roles most of the time because of this and i can’t put my name of staff signs i have to just put “fae”.