So what?


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Dec 2, 2017
trying to catch Mickey in most messages
Was debating posting this
But here is a short type of slam poem that I wrote about my experience with Anorexia
I find writing and drawing is a very good way to release my emotions so yeah, here you go

So what?
By moi

I’ll never be skinny enough
I’m not skinny enough!
I stand here in front of this mirror
And I’m not enough
I’ll never be enough
Society tries to tell me I am
To cover up the standards they set
But I know the truth
I’m not enough
Never was
Never will be

But it’s okay
I’ll be fine!
I’ll wear baggy clothes
I’ll cover it up!
It’s not a disease!

Just because I’ll never be happy
With my weight
With my shoulders
And Everything else
Just because I’ll never be happy
Just because I’ll never be happy with me
Doesn’t mean I have a disease!

So what if I skip breakfast?
It was an accident I say
Won’t happen again I say
But it does

I’m getting better
So they think
Because I smile
And I’m okay!
A smile fixes everything
A smile means happiness
Even if it’s fake

So what if I skip lunch?
It only happened once!
I swear I’ll do better
I won’t throw it out this time!
I promise!
But promises are so easily broken
And I should know

I’m all better
Look at me!
I eat 3 meals a day!
I’m always starving!
But it’s not a disease
I’m not sick!
I’m just not hungry
No big deal!
I’ll eat tomorrow
Don’t worry!

So what if I skip dinner?
I forgot
I’m sorry
I’ll do better!
I swear!
I’ll have some crackers instead
That’s enough right?
Come on!
I don’t have a disease
It’s not a disease
I’m not sick

But I stand in front of the mirror
And I weigh myself constantly
And I look at myself
And the reason I’m not enough
And The reason I’ll never be enough
Is because I will never stop believing

Yeah pretty deep
But it felt good to write it
I suggest you try it sometime
Uh enjoy my first post in like 4 months LOL