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Recently, I have had multiple players ask me why they are randomly disconnected and a message close to 'Disconnected by the host' comes up. Now, this personally happens to me and I think I know why but I'm not too sure.

Is it because:
You have bad internet
B. You have been online for too long
Or C. Different answer.

Please vote on the poll, or feel free to reply and share your thoughts on it,


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I don't think it's B., I don't think you would get disconnected for that. Especially because I've been online for 9 and a half hours straight as of me writing this. (Don't worry, I haven't been constantly playing during that time. :p)

Usually when I randomly get disconnected, it's my internet connection, but it also sometimes happens that I get disconnected and I can go straight back in, so I'm not sure if that's because of my connection. I don't know why that happens.