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So this is a story that I am currently working on. Feel free to give comments, suggestions, etc. This story takes place in the USA, and every chapter it switches between character perspectives..

St. Mumbai Chapters 7 & 8 by tcrnado

7) Maddie Hoffman
So I am kinda peeved at my mom. My birthday is coming up and she wants to throw me a party. I see why she does. You see, I’m turning thirteen years old, which is a big deal for my family.
The reason I don't want a party is because, well, lets just put it this way: I have no friends, other than Ricki. It's September 3rd and my birthday is in a week.
Anyway, back to school. Lunch was amazing. I had french-toast sticks with two chocolate milks and french fries. It's now 5th hour, which is writing. I spy Ricki. He's sitting across the room by himself.
“How are your first days so far?” our teacher, Mrs. Zindler said. Everyone replied with good.
Everyone but Ricki.
“Well that's good. Since it’s your first day here, lets introduce ourselves. Lets say our names and something interesting about ourselves.”
Mrs. Zindler pointed to me first. “Oh, I'm Maddie and I recently moved here from Wisconsin.” Everyone said their names and what’s interesting about themselves. Again, everyone but Ricki.
She pointed to him. “What's your name, young man?”
“My name’s Ricki.” he sighed. I could tell he's in a mood.

Ricki was behind be as we stepped off the bus.

“Sorry about today,” he apologizes. I didn't know why he was saying sorry, but now I remember why. He accidentally ran into me before school.

“No biggie. You just accidentally bumped into me.”

He sighed once more. “Listen, I need to ask you something.”

“What is it?” I ask curiously.

“Do you maybe.. sorta wanna go… on a-” He gets cut off.

“Cats gotcha tongue? Don't worry,” I said, “drink some water, it will help.”

He looks a little shook. I don’t know what’s up with him lately.

We get to our apartment building and part ways. I walk into my apartment and something smells good. I go into the kitchen and my mom is making fish for dinner! I
love fish. You see, back in Wisconsin, we went camping alot. We used to go camp on a lake so we would go fishing a lot. That’s mainly why i like fish.

“The fish isn’t for you,” my mom said.

I reply back with, “How did you know--”

“A mother always has eyes in the back of her head.” She turned around.

“Who’s the fish for?”

She wouldn’t answer. She just kept on cookin’.

8) Ricki Tisdaf

I’m bored out of my mind.

I wanted to hang out with my friend Olive, but she’s out of town. She’s camping. I decided to FaceTime her. (I figured I would ask her what she does when she’s bored because Olive is always telling me how boring camping is.)

Here is what she has said so far:

  1. Hangout with friends
  2. Meet new people
  3. Draw
  4. Take a walk

She knows I don't have friends (half true). She knows I am kind of anti-social. She knows I can’t draw. But I can walk.

“Eh.. I’ll go on a walk,” I said to Olive over the phone.

“K. See ya!”

I decided to go to Central Park because its calm there. That is if you drown out taxi horns and shouting. I do hear the wind whistling through the trees and birds singing.

“Hey, Ricki,” I hear a voice to the right of me.

I look around in confusion.

“It’s Maddie.”

I can feel and almost see my stomach drop.
Oh no, I think, why is Maddie here? Should I attempt to ask her out again? Should I start walking as if I didn’t hear my voice?

I regret doing the first thing I thought. “Hey, Maddie, can I ask you something?”

“Sure. But try not to run away this time” she joked.

I awkwardly laugh. Then I started talking really fast and I have no idea what I was saying:

Maddie, can you go on a date with me? I have liked you for a while and I haver eally-

“Sure!” She cut me off.

Did I just ask the prettiest person at school on a date?