Steps to making an "advanced" and good roleplay (Long read..)


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Hello, hello!
Today, I am making my first? guide out there, and since I am pretty experienced in making roleplays, I thought it would be a good idea to share my techniques, and what it takes to make a good-looking, advanced roleplay that you can be proud of. Of course, you don't build these roleplays over the span of a day, the point is not to get players to play, the point is to get players to LOVE your roleplay, and to get them to come back once you advertise it again.
As the title says, I will mostly make steps and I will try to develop my arguments as much as possible, so, let's get right into it.

I. Getting an Idea

Getting a clear idea of what you're going to do if often the best way to make sure you're going to succeed when you do it. Or at least, have a higher chance of succeeding.
For making roleplays, you must ask yourself these questions before starting it:
What? and How?
What is going to be the theme of my roleplay? And how am I going to build it? Will it be an apocalypse roleplay? A japanese-themed roleplay? An RvR?
Am I going to build it alone? Am I going to build it with friends? How am I going arrange the cities/areas in my roleplay?
  • If you're going to build it with friends - Choose good friends that you trust, and try not to ask help to random people in /a, as when the roleplay comes together, it will usually look like a big mashup of different building styles from everyone. And trust me, that doesn't look good.
  • If you're building it alone - Well, you will have much more freedom in what you do. Because when your friend/someone builds something that you don't like much, you're like "Ah, it would be bad to just remove it.. They would hate me for doing that" and most people just keep that kind of builds that they don't appreciate at all. And that hurts the roleplay, and also doesn't help the motivation of building the roleplay.
  • Draw a little sketch, to have a clear idea of how your roleplay is going to be. It doesn't have to be beautiful or anything, it is just for you and your friends if you're not building alone, for example: > Not beautiful, but at least I have a clear idea of what I want to do.
The thing on CF is not to make original roleplays, but to make better roleplays than others. Original roleplays are sometimes, weird. And will often not interest many people. Make a roleplay that will most likely attract people. You can make a roleplay with a well-known theme - exemple RvRs, but be original in the way you make it. Make something that will make you stand out from others roleplays.

II. Starting the building

I usually start up by making the dominant perk of my roleplay - or at least mark it out, with colored blocks such as wool blocks.
Exemple, the biggest city in an apocalypse/city roleplay, the biggest camp in camp roleplays, the castle in RvR's.. You get my point.
WARNING: Do NOT start by the Roleplay Box, the roleplay box should be the last thing you make in your roleplay! Or at least, finish building the area you want to put the spawn in and THEN you can build it.
Also: Try not to build it in the sky, it's really ugly, except if for example, you want to build it in a giant spaceship or a plane, now it will be beautiful!

After laying out your first area, you can either: start making terraforming with World Edit and Voxel Sniper (You can watch YouTube tutorials to learn how it works) or you can also continue laying out areas. Or if you feel lazy, you can just start building whatever you want BUT: I do not recommend building before making the terraforming, as sometimes, it will mess up buildings with the brushes/smooth/melt/lift tools.

If you made a sketch, you will also have a clear idea of what you want to do, and where you want it to be.

III. Optional: "Beta" testing your roleplay

This is an optional step, you may want to get done with your roleplay before opening it.
The main concern of doing this is when you need feedback from players: you'll also need a roleplay box, or a temporary one at least. When you're doing that, INSIST on the fact that you NEED feedback, what could be improved, suggestions, etc. You can just also try to run it to see the reaction of people, and based on that, you can know if people like it or not.

IV. Building is done

Now that you're done with all the building, terraforming, and that your roleplay looks really good, and you're proud of it,
  • You have to write your roleplay rules, otherwise it will be a disaster. Do not fear plot denying players that are ruining/trolling the roleplay or just not being serious overall and making fun, except if that is their character.
  • Accept constructive feedback from players; If they're just blatantly saying your roleplay is "way too bad" and you should remove it, just let them talk, if they're giving constructive feedback, example, what they think is not really good, and what could be done to be improved. That is constructive feedback and should be taken into account, do not plot deny people who give constructive feedback. That is just being a dictator, you don't want that.
  • Write a story/lore; if you want a deadly-serious roleplay, you NEED a story, make a story, use context, don't make generic "stories" which are most of the time just a description of the roleplay, give reasons to why something happened, and how it happened. Otherwise, your roleplay can just be the flow of life, or something I like to do with my roleplays, is let people make the story as they play. Not that they write it themselves, but if you are just spectating, and you make roleplay events happen, example: a giant meteor fell and formed a giant crater (with more context lol, I don't have any ideas for that one..) You can base your story off of how people react to that event. That's a bit difficult to do, sometimes, though.
  • Make some roles; Yes, that's really important, you can also use the [Role] feature of signs. It's pretty handy. If you want to make a MYORIH (Make Your Own Role In Head) roleplay, you should still put some basic roles, in case some people don't have any ideas.
  • Set a simple home name; Easy to write, and not long. I would say a maximum is 10-15 letters before it gets annoying to write. Some people could be lazy to write your home name, therefore, you lose popularity. Home names examples I use/used: Corrupted & Kutai - Not very long and not hard to write at all. So yeah, you certainly do not want to go with like /home superrvrrp, too many r's, it's confusing.
V. Getting Staff Members for your roleplay

You may need staff, for example, if you want your roleplay being ran while you're not there: you can use the /plot promote command added in the last server update. This will allow your staff members to accept role requests from role signs. If you're a lonely warrior like me (omegalul) you can try to run it without staff.
However, do NOT recruit someone randomly, if it's your friends, alright, but make people apply for it. That way you can know that they really are motivated in getting plot trusted/added. If you want your staff to run your roleplay when you're not there, don't forget to trust them and to /plot promote them. Otherwise they won't be able to accept roles nor to build. Basically, they will only be able to advertise.

Do not be afraid to fire a staff member that is disrespectful, or just harmful to the roleplay experience, like if they are abusive, fire them. Plot deny if needed.
You don't want bad and abusive staff members, especially for your first run.

VI. Hosting and Advertising the roleplay

Hosting your roleplay is important. I swear, it is. I mean, otherwise it's just a build. Not a roleplay. Just as it is said in the fourth part of this guide, you should accept constructive feedback from players, mostly from your first host. And you should also ask them to give feedback before leaving, if possible. (Be polite about it..) That way, you can know what players like, what they don't, and you can adjust things based on that.

If you have staff members, ask them to run your roleplay, or if you allow them, they can run it whenever they want.
For advertising, just make a clear advertisement message in /a. Example: "[>>] Join us to /home homename for a great, very well-built, japanese-mythology roleplay - myorih/spirits/mythology animals/apply for staff/need feedback [<<]" You can list some of your roleplay's greatest perks in the ad. That brings people.

Thank you for reading until the end:

This took me about two hours to write, I know bill_wurtz__ made one, but I thought I'd make a more detailed one, and just showing my way of making roleplays, overall, and giving a few tips on what to do and what not to do. If I made typos, which is HIGHLY possible, please, tell me. :)

So, yep, thanks for reading everything,
See ya!