Summer update 2018 - Roleplay roles

Hi everyone,

In this post I'll be outlining how to use the new roleplay features.

How to request a role?
Use /role set <name> to send a request to the plot owner if they have a roleplay name active. You must also have a roleplay name in order to send a request. You can also create a role sign which will allow players to click on the sign to request the role but this will be explained further below the post. In this example the user has clicked on the demon role sign which has automatically sent a request to the plot owner.

How to accept, deny or block a request?
When a role request is sent the plot owner will be given a message where they are given the option to accept, deny or block the request. You must click on the buttons in chat in order to make an action.

Accepting a request?
When clicking on the accept button an announcement will be made on the plot letting everyone know that the request was accepted. Here's an example:

Denying a request?
When clicking on the deny button the player who made the request should be sent a message about how their request was denied.

Blocking a request?
When clicking on the block button in chat the player who made the request will be sent a message about how they were blocked. A blocked user will not be able to send you requests unless you unblock them using the /role unblock <name> command or if the server restarts.

Removing a role?
Roleplay names are removed when a player leaves the network.
A player can remove their role by using the command /role reset.
The plot owner can remove the role of a player by doing /role remove <username>. The player will receive feedback letting them know that their role was removed.
The plot owner can remove the role of every player on the plot by doing /role remove all.

Queue system?
Every role request will display a "Request Number" and requests must be dealt with in order. Here's an example of what would happen if you tried to accept request number #2 without dealing with request number #1.

It will basically stop you and give you the request that you still need to deal with. The plot owner can only have 10 outstanding requests at a time and will be prompted to take action on outstanding requests in order to receive more.

How to create role signs?
Probably the most exciting feature is the interactive sign system that is in place. Only the plot owner can create a role sign.
To create a role sign you need to write the top line of a sign as [Role]
The second line should be the name of the role you want to create
The third line should be the amount of slots that are available for the role.
Here's an example:

When clicking on a role sign a request is automatically sent to the plot owner and if it accepted the number on the sign will update, here is an example:

How to view the role of every player on the scoreboard?
When your role request is accepted by the plot owner the scoreboard will switch from the default CreativeFun scoreboard into the CreativeFun Roles scoreboard. This will display each player's roleplay name and role. In the example below my request for the role "King" was accepted so the scoreboard switched to "CreativeFun Roles". The scoreboard is removed when you remove your role or if the plot owner removes your role.

The scoreboard is only able to fit up to 14 names meaning that the 15th person for example would not be shown on the scoreboard however the nametag and hovering over roleplay name feature should be able to come in handy in this situation and will be explained further. You can switch between the roleplay scoreboard and the main server scoreboard whenever you want by using /board toggle.

How to view the role of a player in chat?
You can view the role a player has by hovering over their roleplay name in chat. This can be useful if the scoreboard can't fit all the names and roles of players. Here's an example:

How to view the role of a player with their nametag?
Customized nametags have now been added to the server so now your donator rank or staff rank will be visible above your mc character. This also applies with role's, if your request is accepted than the suffix of your nametag will display your role. Here's an example:

How to disable receiving requests while having a rp name?
If you want to have a roleplay name and not be bothered by role requests you can go to /settings and disable it in there. Here's an example:

This is probably the largest project that I've had to work on for the server and I'm proud of how unique it is. I'd like to mention some people who contributed ideas to this.

@Ncelle - Thank you for the original idea of allowing players to set their roleplay role in a much more convenient manner
@Alygator1 - Thank you for the idea of utilising a scoreboard to view the roles of all players
@Aaron - Thank you for being the bug catcher in this whole project
@Aye_It's_Liv Thank you for the testing the sign system
@144 - Thank you for the idea of allowing players to disable receiving requests regardless of whether they have an active roleplay name

That's all for now, I hope that this update improves the experience for players who both host roleplay's and like to roleplay, I'm sure people will find many more creative ways to use this feature as it could probably be used outside of roleplay's like game shows and minigames.


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oh im really excited for the update, great work monis and to everyone involved into making this happen!


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We're all incredibly thankful for this update! Personally I think the most creative part of this update is the colored name and tags that will appear above your mc player :) But again thank you for this very fun and unique update.


Awesome work with the updated, Monis!

However just a quick suggestion: I think when leaving the plot that the role was given to you on, the role should be removed. Just as an example, in CFinc, if someone where to get a job there and have a role, and they were "fired", if they did not remove their role they would technically still be working there. I think roles removing once you have left the plot would become handy in most situations, but that one is the easiest one to explain.

All in all though, nice work on the summer update and I hope your head doesn't hurt too much anymore :p


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I have one problem with the new update. Some plot owners might not want to be bombarded with the role requests and want their staff to take care of it, so is there any way to promote a plot member to be able to handle the requests as well or is there a way we can add that?


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Ive had a bug where It says 'Roles must only contain numbers or letters' even though it did. Idk whats causing it so can you try fix it?

Loving the new feature. This isn't me trying to complain, but I hate noticed a few bugs which I believe you should know about :)
1) After a while, it starts to come up with the "Internal error" message, but still shows on the scoreboard.
2) When a roleplay ends and people have left, I have found the signs do not reset even though I have removed everybody's roles.
3) I have found I am only able to put one word on the role name. e.g [Role] Student 4 works, but [Role] Special Student 4 does not, due to the fact of there being a space.

Also just a suggestion, I'm constantly spammed with the requests and am unable to keep up with them all. I just thought if you could add in a way to promote a member to have the same permissions to accept the requests, that would be great!

Again, this was not to complain, but how are you to fix bugs if nobody reports them? :)