Summer update 2018 - Roleplay roles

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I genuinely think the update is amazing and awesome, but it would be cool if you could turn the role name into a different color besides white. Anyways, sick update!


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Super helpful for rps if you just joined or if you were afk
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Thank you for this, Monis. This is great news for me and will help my business, CF Inc. succeed even more. Thank you for doing some small tests on my plots as well. I appreciate your business.
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So with the new fix, I get an error everytime one of my friends requests a role where it gives me a role request for someone that isn't even on my plot. It's only happened for one specific person who sends me a request and it gives me a random request from someone else.
~Nevermind, I sorted this problem, but now there's a problem where after I have 10 roles activated it tells people I have 10 outstanding role requests and can't do their's even though I don't have any requests
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Some changes were made today, could you test if this is still an issue?
just so you know there's a new bug going around with this where people get "owner's request queue is 10 and full" or something, even though I've responded to every request.
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Is this still a problem?
I'm having the same problem. I was hosting my RP, but I received requests from people who werent even on the plot. I couldn't deny them as it said no request role found, but I couldn't accept any others either. My computer won't let me add the picture for some reason, but it's exactly the same situation.
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It'd be awesome if other people could also accept or deny them (like /roletrust XboxUnited_)
Otherwise, Nice job!


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@Kqwi @Ecoya is this still necroposting even though it’s on Monis’s thread? I think so right?