EPISODE 4 - "It's The Fashion Ball!"


It's another day and contestants are ready for the next challenge!
Last episode, they had fun roasting each other in the Shade Show.. this episode, we're doing something different!
As contestants lined up on the red carpet, I walked into the lobby and introduced them to the new challenge..



After announcing the challenge, we walked into the work room.
I revealed the runway themes and gave them instructions.
Each contestant has to prepare TWO runway looks under 20 minutes!

The runway categories are: "From The Past" & "Into The Future"
I wanted then to not only find skins fitting for the themes, but to also have their signature faces/heads.

Most contestants had picked their skins in time, Marais needed a minute or two more..

Let's move onto the stage!


Each contestant had to walk the stage being watched by the rest. It felt like a real fashion show!

"From The Past" runway theme is all about looking like you came from an era in history.
It could be the ancient times.. all the way to the late 20th century!
"Into The Future" runway theme was more flexible, because we don't know how the future would look like.
So contestants had more freedom with that theme..

Let's see how they all look on the RUNWAY!


Beyonka's Critiques:

"From The Past" Runway

Crystal Waterz - Love the pirate theme, the outfit is well made and looks amazing with Crystal's hair and eyes!
Miss Isle - This is a nice take on a warrior outfit. I love the off-the-shoulder sleeves and a metalic corset. I wish there was a head piece.
Jane Blonde - She said this was inspired by Cleopatra, I can see that for sure, but it should've had more golden details. Fits her vibe tho.
Marais - She said this was 80s, but to me it looks more like 2010s. Those jeans with the sneakers look really current. It was also a bit basic.
Cooper - I love the theme of it! It's based on Assassin's Creed, which I love! It's a bit basic, but there's not much to improve here.
Phos - I can see those 70s popping through! I just don't see Phos here. The red eyes are sticking out too much.. I mean, literally-
Rachel - The princess of it all! The gown is really elegant. The headpiece is a good addition. I wish the color of the gown was a different shade.
Spooky - I can see the vintage look of the outift. However, that robotic arm throws me off as it didn't exist in the earlier 20th century.
Andy - Speaking of signature looks.. This is literally what he usually wears but with a headband. Not really 70s or 'hippie' as he said.

"Into The Future" Runway

Crystal Waterz - He did it again! This outfit looks so nice and cool, it also fits well with Crystal's aesthetic.
Miss Isle - The scientist outfit is a bit basic and overused, but the robot parts make it much cooler!
Jane Blonde - The robot outfit seems really dark compared to what Jane usually wears. I wish she painted the green circle in pink.
Marais - I can see she made no changes to this look. It doesn't fit her style at all.. and I've seen this skin too many times.
Cooper - Now this is a really interesting look! Similar to Spooky's past look, but this one looks a bit cooler.
Phos - I've seen this robot skin too many times, but this time it has a head.. which looks very outdated to me. It's also unpolished in my opinion.
Rachel - This may not look like her, but it's so cute! It's like a pastel alien landed on earth and grabbed a hoodie! As I fellow alien, I approve of this!
Spooky - I see the head peeping out, but something seems off about it. It's not as exciting and unique. Thank god it's a more unique robot suit.
Andy - And here we go again.. wearing that tie-dye hoodie everywhere. Nothing that makes this outfit futurisic, the colored eye is just too easy.

Some of the looks impressed me and some didn't..
When it comes to these fashion balls and other runways, the one thing you have to do is to impress me!
That's what you always have to question yourself.
If you think a basic look is going to impress me, then you're not thinking right my love! ;)


First up, the contestants that had to step forward were all SAFE. Those were: Jane Blonde, Miss Isle & Spooky!
The remaining contestants on the stage were highs and lows of this episode.

Here are some short opinions on their performances this episode:

Cooper - I love the looks. I just wish they were stepped up a notch.
Crystal Waterz - Both looks were great, the consistency was there, Crystal's signature face/head was present!
Phos - She needs to do some work on her aesthetic, it needs some improvement for sure.
Rachel - The looks were also pretty good! They were not so cohesive with each other, but Rachel did a good job!
Andy - I get that he's trying to stick to his signature style.. but don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone for once..
Marais - Similar to Andy.. both looks didn't catch the themes well. She should've went for more unique choices rather than basic ones she made.

When contestants came back from the shade lounge, it was time to make some final decisions!
& Cooper were placed HIGH! They did a really good job. But the one who really had the most polished looks was..
Crystal Waterz, who WON this challenge, congratulations!
That left Marais, Phos & Andy up for ELIMINATION!


When Andy heard that he was eliminated, he immediately stormed off the stage and logged off.
In my opinion, this was not the nicest way to handle the elimination.
But sometimes when you're in the moment, you just don't know what's the best thing to do..

I'm sorry to say this.. but Andy, it's this race is over for you.

It was nice having you on the show and you did pretty well actually!
This elimination was a surprise to me, considering he did really well in the past two challenges.

This means one thing.. you never know who goes home next!


Marais [NO VOTES]
Phos [THREE VOTES] - voted by Spooky, Cooper & Andy
Andy [SIX VOTES] - voted by Miss Isle, Jane Blonde, Crystal Waterz, Phos, Marais & Rachel





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I literally don't know what to do for the future one bc I don't like looking in the future I liv in the moment haha


EPISODE 5 - "The Celebrity Game"


It's the next day and contestants are back in the lobby.
One of the contestants got eliminated and the energy is different in the room.
I walked into the lobby and announced the new challenge and the runway theme.. oh, and one more thing.

I told them to turn around!

BAM! Who's that? That's Sam, she was the first one to get eliminated!
I felt the need to bring Sam back because she's someone with a lot of potential but didn't get to show it in the first two episodes.

Some were shocked, some not surprised and some bothered that another contesant joined the competition.


But anyways, it's time for the challenge.. so let's start!


"The Celebrity Game" is a challenge where each contestant has to choose a celebrity to impersonate!
The have to look like a celebrity, respond like a celebrity and be really funny.

Contestants walked into the work room and started getting ready for the game.
Here are the contestants and their celebrity impersonations:


Marais - Britney Spears
Miss Isle - Dr. Phil
Sunny - Nicki Minaj
Spooky - Karen
Jane Blonde - Dr. Who
Crystal Waterz - Catherine Tate (Donna Nobble)
Phos - Donald Trump
Rachel - Kylie Jenner
Sam - Greta Thunberg

After the preparation for the challenge, it was time to start with the game!

The game format consisted of a few questions that go through the celebrity panel.
The first question is the introduction.
The other 3 questions require unique answers and not every question will be answered by the same celebrity.
There was no 'real winner' of this 'game'.
The contestant with the best and funniest answers/impersonation wins the challenge!

This is how the CELEBRITY GAME went down!



How are you today Dr. Phil?

Dr. Phil: Hello there Beyonka, I’m doing just fine today. Why don’t you come down to my studio and I’ll teach you a few things? *winks*

Oh look, another Doctor! Hello Dr. Who!

Dr. Who: Yep and there’s something you’d better understand about me cause it’s important.
One day your lift may depend on it: I’m definitely a mad man with a box!

Wake up Catherine Tate, stop sleeping! What made you come here?

Catherine: Aw.. Sorry, Trump was dronin’ about the wall..
Catherine: I know I fought, this was X factor! I wanted to be the best English oral singer, innit?

Um hello Donald Trump? Why are you here?

Trump: Hey, just finishing up the wall, I shall count your vote for the 2020 election! Wait- What skin color are you?
Trump: I might have to sue you! I don’t like blue skin colors, only orange like myself.

Oh well.. Hey Nicki Minaj!

Nicki: Hey everyone! It’s me, the queen of rap. Nicki Lawinski, Nicki the boss, Nicki the Harajuku Barbie.. as we know!

Oh, Hello Greta Thunberg! Where are you from?

Greta: Hello Beyonka, I’m from Sweden. One of the only countries who seem to care that the world is burning around us.. Something must change!

Welcome Britney!

Britney: Hey, It’s Britney Spears! Why you looking like that Beyonka, you drive me crazy! I’m a slaaaave for you!

Kylie Jenner in the house! So What are your hidden talents?

Kylie: I like to take selfies to get one I like! *gasp* I dropped my diamond earring!

Karen, is that you?

Karen: You need God! The lord will save you.. You don’t need to be confused anymore..
Karen: You need to stop dressing in these clothes.. you’re a man!

Alright celebs, nice to meet you all!

QUESTIONS 1: What’s the first thing you’d do if you were stranded on an island?

Greta: I would observe the natural ecosystem to determine the level of pollution.
Then I would choose the best course of action to remedy the solution!
Kylie: I would, like, lay down in the sun and get a tan. Then take a selfie..
Wouldn’t want to waste a perfectly good sun light!
Karen: I would pray to my lord savior Jesus Christ for forgiveness and to help me help all those before me!
Britney: I would tell who I’m with to gimme more food and water, but they obviously won’t because they’re toxic!
Excuse me- you didn’t ask me.. Baby one more time of that never again..

QUESTION 2: What are the things that people do, that really bother you?

Joe Biden.. and all of these weird colored people. We need to build a wall!
Catherine: It’s CaFerine, with an F! That F is for ma mum innit? I hate when people don’t believe I’m multilingual..
I am, innit?! I can speak French and.. some other ones! Here’s my French: hon hon titi croissonts. I ain’t a French oral!
Nicki: I hate, hate, hate it when people don’t match their hair and makeup to go with their clothes.. Oh, and not to mention when they compare me to Cardi!
Dr. Phil: I can’t stand entitlement. They get on my nerves, although I always set them straight. *winks*
They can’t resist this charm-- *cough* chest! *reveals his shirtless body with hairy chest*
Catherine: Oo get me a fan, it’s hot in ‘ere! Have you seen this man, innit? He do be making me dream..
Britney: I hate when people take a piece of me, or a womanizer.. or when people hold it against me that I’m famous! You also skipped me last question.. That makes you a criminal!

QUESTION 3: Where would your dream date be?

My dream date would be anywhere with this hunk next to me.. *looks at Dr. Phil* - This tall glass of water!

Dr Phil: I slid in her DM’s as the kids say..
Catherine: Love does the strangest things!
Karen: Don’t do it, you’re not even married!
Karen: I have something to say! I shouldn’t have to wear a mask.. they should just shut down the Coron*virus..
Dr. Who: I’ve seen the future Karen, you’ll die if you don’t!

Karen: My dream date.. Would be at an anti-vax rally, we could protest to our hearts content!
Nicki: My dream date? I’m not trying to be too much now.. with all that’s happening right now, I don’t think dinner on a beach is an option.
Trump: I would be on top of the Trump Tower and as we overlook the city, we see the wall being built and the statue of me with a tiny name of her initials on it. ‘very tiny’, It’s all about me.
Karen: Donald, I love you! Sign my child please! *throws her baby to the front row*
Britney: Hmm.. where ever it’s with you, I bet I can change your mind maybe.. but maybe with a man on the moon or someone just like me. If they break my heart, don’t go knockin’ on my door since I’ll kick them from the bottom of my broken heart!


After a pretty good challenge, it was time to move onto the runway!
Today's runway theme is "Red Carpet Ready"


Beyonka's Critiques:

Crystal Waterz: When Crystal walked onto the stage, it was a plain white dress.. but then he had a reveal! He took off the dress and revealed
this beautiful pride flag look! It was so cool watching the reveal happen, we were shocked!
Miss Isle: This is a stunning look. It's extremely well done, the dress shading is realistic and the gloves add more fun to it!
Jane Blonde: This was a bit underwhelming.. it's too simple and those flats don't look nice. The contrast between the head and the dress is really strong.
Sam: It was nice to see her again on the runway! This look is really pretty and clean. I enjoy the yellow-white color combo.
Phos: I've told her before.. she needs to make her looks more current. There's something very unpolished and outdated about this one.
Marais: The best thing to wear on red carpet is.. a red dress! Paired with these black gloves/heels, it looks elevated and high fashion!
Sunny: I don't really see Sunny in this look. It's more of a 20s inspired dance outfit than a red carpet outfit.
Rachel: This is a bit safe to be honest.. I love the color of the dress and the monochrome design, but she could've stepped it up.
Spooky: He wore a suit the last time, this one's a bit worse. Nothing matches and the sci-fi shades just don't go well with the rest.


In my opinion, the challenge was pretty well done! Considering this was my first time doing this..
I was really impressed with how funny the celebrity impersonations were!
It was honestly hard to give some contestants placements because most of them did pretty well.

Phos, Rachel & Sam
were SAFE! They went to the back.
The remaining contestants on the stage are high's and low's of the episode.

Crystal: I was constantly laughing with his Catherine Tate impresonation! The look and the reveal were show-stopping! Good job this episode.
Miss Isle: The Dr. Phil was also really funny and different than what I expected, but a bit less funny than Crystal. This look was just perfection though!
Jane: After so many wins.. it was time for her to fall hard in a challenge. She said she wasn't good with comedy and it showed.
Marais: The usage of Brtney's song titles in the answers was genius and funny! This look is again, something I'd steal from her.. it's so good!
Sunny: The Nicki impersonation was a bit flat. She could've had better answers considering Nicki's kinda crazy sometimes. The look was not her.
Spooky: His Karen impersonation was really funny and relatable. Karens like that exist in real life.. But that runway look could've been better.

Miss Isle, Marais & Spooky were placed HIGH! Crystal WON this challenge, a second win in a row for him!
This left Jane & Sunny being placed LOW..

This episode had no eliminations because of the comeback twist.