The Drama Highschool [Episode 3 - The Party]


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Ok so like- I can explain- I know I haven't written in a long time, I had a lot of tests and exams going on (this is totally not an excuse to hide the fact that I also just didn't have any inpiration and had no idea what to do with new promotions and resignations like pFf whAAAt) so yeah xD Well anyways, so I did try to start a bit of it like a few weeks ago, but I lost my draft :( Also as I already really planned out this episode, it's really hard to get the newer ChatMods a big role, so I mainly added the juniors and seniors to this storry, I'm sorry! I'll try to include you a lot more next episode. So here you have it let's get right into the story that y'all have waited for (or not xD)

''Stage, check. Snacks, check. Dance floor, check. DJ set-up, check. I think we got everything, Crew!'' Sunny and Crew made sure that everything was ready for the party. ''Alright, Sunny, are you SURE we won't get in trouble for this?'' Crew asked. ''Yeah, yeah...'' she said as she walked to the stage. She sat down and smiled. Crew sat next to her. ''Remember middle school? That was great, everyone loved the party! I really miss the school, you know.'' Sunny said. Crew answered: ''Oh no, don't get all sappy now. Geez, typical girl stuff!'' Both of them started laughing.

''Hey guys! Rai and I are on our way to our FIRST EVER highschool party!'' Abi and Rai took turns on holding the phone for their Instagram live stream. ''Oh lol look Abi, Monis and Dawn joined!'' Rai said. Abi asked: ''What are they saying?'' ''You guys are crazy, you're gonna get yourself in a lot of trouble, RIP you guys, stuff like that,'' Rai answered. When the girls entered the building, the other freshmen were already there. Rai said: ''Wow, you guys are even earlier than we are!'' One of the freshmen called Kelsey said: ''Yeah, we were so excited, we couldn't wait!'' ''Can't wait till the others arrive!'' Mads said. Rai's phone rang. ''It's my dad,'' she said, and when she answered the phone, she said: ''What dad?!'' Layla laughed and said: ''Yep, that's my roommate alright!''

Jess waited impatiently for her roommate Beth. ''We can't do this, we're gonna get in so much trouble! The principle's gonna hate us and our graduation is gonna be a disaster and-'' Beth yelled from the bathroom. Jess said: ''Oh come on Beth, it'll be great fun! You shouldn't forget to have a bit of fun sometimes, you know. It'll be great! Now let's get the before the others get there!'' Beth sighed: ''Yeah, you're right. Let me just finish my make-up.'' When Beth came out of the bathroom, Jess said: ''Damn girlie, you're looking good!'' Beth smiled and said: ''Thanks, you look great too!'' As they walked to the school, they came across Maarij. ''Hey Maarij, shouldn't you bet getting ready for the party?'' Beth asked. Maarij blinked a few times, when he eventually said: ''Yeah- uh- I- you girls-'' Jess whispered: ''What's up with him...?'' ''I don't know, he looks like he's seen a ghost,'' Beth said and shrugged. Maarij turned red, and said: ''I- I'll be getting ready- for the party-'' Maarij ran back to his dorm and took a deep breath.

The party was already going on for about half an hour when Bright was talking to Devin, Gia and Mouse. She said: ''So, how are you guys enjoying highschool so-'' Suddenly, a loud noise could be heard from the back of the school. BANG! The room went silent. ''WHOOP WHOOP! WHERE ARE MY PARTY PEOPLE?!'' ''Ing, for goodness sake, calm down!'' Rebs giggled. Luna laughed and said: ''Well, let's party!'' Bright said: ''Yep, those are my friends, they can be a bit.. Crazy, rebelious, loud, whatever you would want to call it.'' The freshmen and Bright started laughing and the party continued.

Crew turned the music down by a bit, when Sunny walked onto the stage and said: ''Hey everyone! I'd like to call Jessica Fastiper to the stage. She'll be singing a song for us all today. So, ladies and gentlemen: Jessica Fastiper!'' Everyone cheared Jess on while she walked up to the microphone. She hesitated. Beth signed something to her, something like: ''Deep breaths, you can do it!'' Jess took a deep breath as the music started, and started singing beautifully. Maarij whispered: ''Wow- She's so good!'' Beth smirked and said: ''I know right, she's amazing! I'm glad I can be her number 1 supporter!'' Once Jess finished the song, she looked at Beth, who signed her: ''Great job!'' Jess smiled and left the stage as everyone cheared her on again.

''I bet I can dance better than you,'' Heath said to Gall. ''Oh, is that so?'' Gall said, ''I highly doubt that.'' Bright said: ''Well, maybe both of you just dance way better when you dance together, like most twins who do stuff together!'' Gall and Heath frowned. ''I agree with Bright, actually,'' Ing said, ''my twin sister and I do everything together, we just don't go to the same school anymore. Same goes with Liam and his twin. Once we're home, he usually does everything with our brother.'' Rebs said: ''How about we just try it out? Luna, Ing and I vs Gall and Heath! We just need one more person so it'll be fair...'' The juniors looked straight at Liam, who eventually said: ''What, me? No, no, no, no, no- I'm good, I'll just pass. Why don't you get someone else-'' Rebel, Luna and Ing frowned, until Luna said: ''Oh, come on Liam, just this once! Please?'' ''Ok ok ok, fine.'' Liam eventually said. ''Actually, can I join too? I'm down for a sick dance battle!'' Bright said. Ing suggested: ''Well, what about a juniors vs seniors, then?'' Everyone agreed, but Beth said: ''No I-'' She was interrupted by Liam dragging her to the dance floor. ''Ok, fine, I'll join-'' Beth whispered. And so, the dance battle began. A big crowd stood around them and watched them dance.

''Damn, where the heck did they learn how to dance like that?!'' Mads said. Gloria answered: ''Well, they all took dance lessons, some of them still do. Mrs. Frqit, Liam and Ing's mom, is a choreographer, Luna and Rebel both still take dance lessons. Beth, Bright, Heath and Gall stopped taking dance lessons a while ago, but they still dance.'' Kai smiled and said: ''Last time they had a dance battle was about half a year ago, but no one won. I wonder who will win this time!'' ''Welp, I won't be dancing, my clothes need to be clean!'' Vibrant said, and Jae and Glitch laughed. Mads whispered to Trin: ''Yo, I wanna bet the seniors are gonna win. Look at those sick moves!'' Trin smiled and said: ''Well, I'll take that bet, the juniors are doing amazing! If they don't win, I'll give you $2!'' ''What about $5?'' Mads said. ''Ok then, let's wait and see!'' Trin answered.

Suddenly, a loud noise came from the back. Everyone stopped to look, and Crew immidiately stopped the music. ''Oh crap- It's the principle!'' Gloria whispered to Mads, ''we're in trouble-'' The principle said: ''Well well well, would you look at that. A party in my perfect little school! I knew what you guys were up to, I saw the live stream on Instagram!'' Rai and Abi blushed, and secretly put away their phones. ''Sunny Beez, Crew Lee, Beth E. Coya, Heath and Gall Attspawn and Liam Frqit, to my office. The rest of you, go home. Have a nice holiday.'' Sunny, Crew and the seniors followed the principle to his office, while the freshmen left the school. Luna said: ''We gotta do something...'' It took a while before everyone left the school. Everyone waited just outside campus. ''We should just go home, celebrate our freedom..'' Gia said. Jess said: ''I'm not leaving this place without Beth!'' ''Mom is gonna kill me if I get home without Liam,'' Ing said, ''she'll be so sad. It's been so hard for her since my sister-'' Before she could finish her sentence, Sunny came running with tears in her eyes. She said: ''Crew is expelled, and it's all my fault. I did this to him, I ruined everything! He stood up for me and blamed everything on himself, so I could still go to this school, it's all my fault!'' Gloria cheared her up: ''It's not your fault, we all agreed to this.'' Jess said: ''But- what about the seniors?! Are they expelled too?!'' ''No,'' Sunny answered, ''but they can't go home for the holidays. They have to stay on campus for 2 weeks.'' Rebel, Luna and Ing looked at each other, until Rebel said: ''Alright, we're busting them outta there. Ing and I got Luna out last time, we'll just do it again!'' Mads said: ''I'm in, we just need to work together.'' ''This is the only time I'll ever be disobedient, but this is for the seniors.'' Jess said. Rebel said: ''Ok, so this is our plan...''

Ok that was it! Please give me some suggestions for the next episode, do you guys want backstories? I'll definately consider every suggestion! :D Hope you guys enjoyed and thanks for reading! Cya soon!
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This is beautiful!

I loved dragging Beth onto the dance floor, but being punished not so much


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YEs iNg y3S. Ah, these stories are a work of art. Also, I feel your writers block, girl. Hmu if you ever need some help or random ideas.