The guide to helping out and not mini-modding.


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What is minimodding?
Minimodding is acting like a mod, basically doing their job, example:
Player 1 in /g: Hey! Tp for a great camp rp or do /home campers!
Player 2: Player1 please ask in /a.
Staff: Player2, please do not minimod.
It's pretty much bossing people around, telling them to do things etc.

How do I not MiniMod but still help out?
Once you've understood MiniModding and when you can and can't help out, it gets easier, even if you think you're helping by minimodding, its better to let a staff do their own job. So here we go:
Player1: How do I get a barrier?
Player2: /I 166.
Helping a user with commands or how to get around the forums, discord, cf isn't minimodding and its just helping out. You're not bossing them etc but you're letting them know something and they can be helped with it.
Player1: Staff, how do I see the ID of a item?
Player2: Although I'm not staff do /itemdb, Player1.
That isn't minimodding either. Even though you aren't staff, it is helping them out.

If you're looking at this guide because you want to become staff and you know it's not good to mini-mod, here's some tips on how to help yourself and have a better chance on becoming staff.

How to help yourself to not mini-mod.
If you really want that player to be re-directed, just tell a staff. If there isn't any staff then it may be alright, but it is still discouraged and if it is really annoying you, discord a staff member or you can tell them in a less bossier way like "Hey! I usually can't redirect people but I want you to know advertising is usually for /a, maybe give it a try and more people may come." or something like that.

If you are a person who likes to be a leader and really want to minimod, you can always apply for staff. Click here to see the official guide on how to have a good application.

Thanks for reading & I hope this helped some people. For the people who are applying, best wishes! :)