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Antarctica, Winter of 1987
"The night sky, so desolate, so clear, it feels almost as if you can see the entirety of the observable universe from here. The skies are much clearer in Antarctica, and often I find myself staring up at the stars fascinated by the abundance of mass within the universe, yet the absolute lack of intelligent life that follows. Its an ironic spit into humanity's eye by the universe, or whatever deplorable creator put us on here. We.. like to think we're not alone, that there are other organisms out there; maybe even some just like us, attempting desperately to discover if they're truly isolated. But the truth is, the universe is a barren wasteland of amalgamated space stuff of and raging balls of gas; all formed from the carbon of stars that passed far before the first human touched the Earth. Most of the crap out there is unreachable to us anyways, so what does it matter if we discover some single-celled germ a million miles away? Alien life is insignificant to the rest of humanity, unless it came to us."

As the tape winded down, the distortion repeated over and over, until it eventually fell quiet.

[Outpost 37]
Only a few weeks after the Outpost 37 crew made it to their station, the rescue team was called. However communications were lost through blinding blizzards, isolating the crew completely in the weeks following their disappearance. The tape found was the only evidence that the members had even made it to Antarctica, everything else left in ruins. The station itself a desolate, empty tomb. The last place the crew of Outpost 37 ever step foot.

Human remains were found strewn throughout the halls, although their classification as 'human' is spoken with doubt. They more so resembled a corruption of the human body; strange mutations, and unrecognizable organs. It's said that the rescue team sent to retrieve any survivors returned with nothing but a lifetime of trauma. Just the sight of one of the things was enough to provoke madness.


Autopsy photo of unidentified John Doe

The events that took place at Outpost 37 remain unknown, and all accounts of the crew ever entering Antarctica have been swept under the rug by the AASRI.

The American Antarctic Scientific Research Institute ( AASRI ) is a program founded with the sole purpose of researching and studying the isolated events that occur on the frozen continent. With winter expeditions of seventeen members, our crew is far from alone. Supplied with basic necessities such as nutrition, entertainment, and comfort, utmost living quality is a requirement before having our members step foot on any of our forty five stations. However it must be noted that the responsibility held by our crew should be taken seriously. With jobs ranging from studying the geography of the continent, to keeping you fed; everyone has a duty.

Our occupations are as followed:

Site Commander
The Site Commander is the leading manager of the station, overseeing all operations held by lower-ranking members.
They are single-handedly responsible for the entirety of the stations well-being, and are in charge of keeping things under control.
They hold the keys to nearly every building at the outpost.

Weapons Manager

The Weapons Manager is the second in command to the Site Manager, supporting them in need.
They maintain the weaponry kept at Outpost 37, supplying the government owned armaments to other stations when need be.
They hold the only key to the weapons room; therefore, they decide who holds arms at any given time.

Communications Officer
The Communications Officer is responsible for incoming calls by other Radio Operator's in any of the nearby stations.
They are allowed to use the station intercom at any given time, although it is suggested use is only during time of need.
Radio officer's maintain frequent updates with nearby Outposts.

The Doctor's role is of utmost importance, as they are responsible for keeping the Outpost 37 crew in reasonable health.
They are the only member with the key to the blood located in the blood bank.
They are also tasked with handling the pharmaceutical.

This trio of research-related roles are all tasked with uncovering the wonders of Antarctic life, weather, and landscape.
The Meteorologist stationed at the Outpost is responsible for taking note of weather patterns and hazards, most notably blizzards.
The Biologist is expected to spend most of their working-hours researching any life that is discovered near the Outpost.
The Geologist's job is to explore and memorize the landscape that Outpost 37 is situated on.
All three of these duties have access to the laboratory at our station.

The Mechanic's tend to the vehicles located at Outpost 37.
They are allowed access to the fuel shack positioned just beside the aircraft hangar.
They are responsible for vehicle maintenance and upkeep; their expectations are to repair any damaged automobiles or aircraft.

The Electrician's job is to repair and manage any damaged machinery that keep Outpost 37 running.
This includes the generator, heater's and cooler's, and transmission towers.
Any and all equipment required for machinery maintenance is located within the warehouse.


The Chef's are expected to serve high-quality meals to the Outpost 37 crew, packed with proteins and vitamins.
They are to keep the eatery, kitchen, and foods storage clean and hygienic.
They hold the key to the foods storage and kitchen.

Dog Handler
The Dog Handler is responsible for keeping the outpost's sled dogs in shape and satisfactory health.
They are given the additional option to sleep within the kennel along with the other dogs.
They hold the keys to the kennel at Outpost 37.

Chopper Pilot
The Chopper Pilot is the only crew member with the keys to the helicopter, and are expected the map out nearby stations in case of dire emergency.
They are expected to have immense experience with flying aircraft, with the ability to fly them with ease.
They are also expected to teach any pilot-trainee's on site.

The AASRI looks forward to seeing you amongst our Outpost 37 crew, and hope that you enjoy your stay at Antarctica starting next week.
We wish you best the of luck,

Russel M. (AASRI Director)

(948) 382-583
(948) 590-694

[Thank you!]
Thanks for showing your interest in the roleplay! Lately I've been putting in a lot of effort to make sure it's absolutely amazing by release! So far I've got a few buildings done with their interior, but now that school is coming to an end (about 2-3 weeks), I'll have loads more time to work on the build! If you want to visit the roleplay the home name is /home Outpost37, though there's no lobby built yet, and a lot of the plot is W.I.P.

If you have no idea what this roleplay is based off of, it's inspired by John Carpenter's The THING (1982), a horror movie classic that's gained a cult following over the years! If you have no idea what that movie is, either, then I'll give you a quick summary;

In remote Antarctica, a group of American research scientists are disturbed at their base camp by a helicopter shooting at a sled dog. When they take in the dog, it brutally attacks both human beings and canines in the camp. They are left to discover that the foreign beast can assume the shape of its victims (assimilation). A resourceful helicopter pilot (R.J MacReady) and the camp doctor (Dr. Copper) lead the camp crew in a desperate, gory battle against the vicious creature before it picks them off,
one. by. one.

Here are a phew more photos I snagged from the roleplay to keep you interested!

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