Voxelsniper Commands

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Hey there, Here is a list of voxelsniper commands.

Brush command

Usage: /brush <brush...> or /b # to set your brush size

The brush command is one of the central and most important commands in VoxelSniper. It allows you to set your currently selected brush. Its syntax is made up of a chain of brush part names. The brush parts are generally divided into four categories. Shapes, masks, effects, and miscellaneous parts. Shapes define a region within the world to be acted on by other parts. Masks modify the region defined by a shape. Effects apply some function to the region. Anything else which performs an extraneous action falls into the miscellaneous category.

VoxelHelp command
Usage: /voxelhelp <brush part>

This command provides in-game help information on the various brush parts.

Material command
Usage: /material [material]

This command sets your primary material. Material aliases are applied to the material argument. If specified by name the default blockstate for that type is used. If you look at a block and type /v it will use the blockstate of your targeted block as the material.

MaskMaterial command
Usage: /maskmaterial [material]

This command sets your secondary material (also known as your replace material). Material aliases are applied to the material argument. If specified by name the blockstate is treated as a wildcard matching any block with a matching type.

Undo command
Usage: /undo [n]

This command will undo one or more of your recent changes.

Redo command
Usage: /redo [n]

This command will redo one or more previously undone changes.

VoxelReset command
Usage: /voxelreset

Resets all of your settings to the default values.

VoxelSniper command
This command is designed for getting and setting runtime information and various debug options. It's functions are split between a number of sub-commands. The subcommands are accessed by /voxelsniper [subcommand] <args>.

Usage: /voxelsniper brushes
Displays a list of all currently available brushes.

Usage: /voxelsniper range #
This subcommand sets the maximum range of a snipe.

Some examples:
  • /b ball material- a simple ball shape with a material applied.
  • /b ball materialmask material- the same as above with with a mask applied to only affect certain materials.
  • /b ellipsoid splatter material- An ellipsoid shape with a splatter mask applied and a material effect.
  • /b disc random biome lightning - A disc with a random mask and a biome effect. This will set a few random positions within the disc to your selected biome. Oh and lightning will strike where you click.
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