VoxelSniper Guide


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VoxelSniper can be used for a lot of purposes like trying to make landscaping and more.
Heres a quick guide on how to use it.

First of all to be able to use it, you must have a arrow equipped in your hand.

To set the brush you type in
/b (brush)
To get the brush size you type in:
/b (number)
To set the block you would like to use you type in:
/v (block//blockid)
Here is a list of all the brushes available:
  • sniper
  • ball
  • biome
  • blendball
  • blenddisc
  • blendvoxel
  • blendvoxeldisc
  • blob
  • canyon
  • canyonselection
  • checkervoxeldisc
  • cleansnow
  • clonestamp
  • cylinder
  • disc
  • discface
  • dome
  • drain
  • ellipse
  • ellipseoid
  • eraser
  • erode
  • extrude
  • filldown
  • flatocean
  • jaggedline
  • line
  • move
  • ocean
  • overlay
  • pull
  • randomerode
  • ring
  • rot2d
  • rot2dvert
  • rot3d
  • ruler
  • set
  • shellball
  • shellset
  • shellvoxel
  • signoverwrite
  • snipe
  • snowcone
  • spiralstaircase
  • splatterball
  • splatterdisc
  • splatteroverlay
  • splattervoxel
  • splattervoxeldisc
  • spline
  • stamp
  • stencil
  • stencillist
  • threepointcircle
  • treesnipe
  • triangle
  • underlay
  • voltmeter
  • voxel
  • voxeldisc
  • voxeldiscface
So say you would like to make a tree with VoxelSniper,
First you could use the ball brush with brush size 2 and the log you want, to make the trunk like this:
Then all you do is you use the SplatterBall brush to make the leaves:

This method works with pretty much all trees you wanna make, Like this cherry blossom tree i've made on one of my plots:

But if you don't want to dedicate the time to making a custom tree you can always just do /b t (treetype)

Also, say if you wanna make a canyon village on your plot, but don't wanna dedicate time to digging it out. Just use the
Canyon brush to dig it out

Then use the Ball brush to fill in the walls:

Then you can cheat and use world edit to smooth it out

Voxel sniper is also good for many other things too like using it to make nice looking bushes for a house

Making Vanilla minecraft trees look better

Well thats the end of this guide for now.

Guide May Be Changed // Added To On A Later Date
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This looks really good! Maybe you should add something that says that VoxelSniper only works with certain ranks. :D