What are the worst roleplays on CF?


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Unfun roleplay is a very easy thing to come across, a lot of obvious examples are labs, highschools, a majority of fantasy rps, Danganronpa and other oversaturated ones like that. I feel a lot of these genres of roleplay could be done really well with a good staff team and proper execution but it feels like (more Labs in specific) the staff and owners are incompetent and pull some garbage like playing the big slapper around and refusing to let anybody else to compete in terms of power or influence in rp, an example being a lab I went to had the owners playing as gods and whatnot. If I had to say what my least favorite roleplay genre is it would most likely be Danganronpa though.


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I'd if you've heard of it, it's this place called 'Chronicle QUEST' SUUUUPER bad and this one guy, Oliver, he is just so rude and OP he never let's anyone rp and yeah that's that.


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There is one camp rp I forgot about the name but I generally think it's bad as

It mistakes powers for roles
Rule 1: 3 powers only, STAFF HAVE INFINITE
If you ask when they start it's instant deny
The owner says its the best rp when it's only has some glass rp box a camp a mountain
Anything you do wrong or remotely wrong gets you denied
CampOwner is a staff role
Lastly, Talking about mistaking powers for roles, flying, invincibility and invisibility are staff roles


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Any RVR that has a tiny tiny TINYYYYY freaking town and a massive castle. Is the worst. ALSO TINY FARMS? HELLO? PEOPLE GONNA STARVE? Also magic users man, while everyone is always like "don't be op!" legit every single character tends to be OP because they have no side effects for the amount of magic they can use.
Roleplays while I love them, hurt me.


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I think that, while any genre of roleplay can have good and original concepts, most of the ideas in genres (i.e camp roleplays, lab roleplays, etc) are too flat on their own. Sure, if there was one lab roleplay and one VVH manor, they'd do just fine. But so many people just create the exact roleplay or concept over and over. Who said a VVH needed to take place in a mansion? Or a Danganronpa in a school? Change the time! Change the place! Maybe even remove elements from the original concept to change things up even more. So many of these roleplays could be so much more interesting if the owners did just a little bit of brainstorming, or tried out new concepts, that it's just.. sad. Not all concepts will work out in CF's roleplaying environment, but you should still try and do something new.