When the world was new


"When the world was new," My grandpa said this every night when I asked for a story but when I asked him to actually tell the story he always said "Maybe later" I would
Always ask "When is later," he said "I don't know my dear but later will come" then he kissed me on the head and walked out. A couple of months passed with that same routine but one night I was waiting in my room and grandpa was sitting there laying on his bed lifeless I screamed for mom, dad, and anna We called 911 and I remember riding in the ambulance with mom, dad, and Anna and crying. The doctor had said he died of a heart attack. Two weeks had past and my room was a mess there were dishes everywhere, the curtains were drawn, and there was a putrid smell of sweat and saltwater anna walked in and her face went from :) to :oops: instantly
"Ceecee (me) what happened in here" anna Exclaimed and I said, "nothing happened in here I'm just upset ok?" I said with an attitude she said 'ok well aunty is gonna be-"
Just then to doorbell rang "that's probably her' but when we got to the door it wasn't her it was a mailman he handed me a package I signed and then slammed the door in his face. I opened that package it was a stopwatch I yelled: " A stopwatch what the hell am I supposed to do with this?" I took it upstairs and fell asleep. 2 hours later I woke up and my room was clean I walked downstairs and it was spotless I yelled "okay anna if this is some prank its not funny" a man emerged from the shadows and said "CeeCee" I said back "who are you" turns out he was my grandpas friend "where am I what year is it?" He stopped "CeeCee this is 1958 I want you to meet someone" Out walked a (hot) guy he said in a low voice "I'm charlie but please call me Charles" i swooned "ok how do i get back home" the man said "you have to complete a series of things "ok where do I go first" the man said "go upstairs and look under your bed" so me and Charles did and I found a bean and asked "what am I supposed to do with this" he replied "throw it" so I did "he said jump but wait before you do" he pulled me in and kissed me.

(chapter 2 coming tomorrow)
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