Why your roleplay isn't 'bad' (Roleplay success tips)


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I've been seeing a lot on the server lately regarding whether or not a roleplay is 'trash', and over the years I've come to understand what helps any roleplay thrive. After reaching the start of my fourth year on CreativeFun, I thought I could offer some tips on how to make your roleplay more attractive to potential roleplayers, and how to make it thrive. Before you find yourself upset, I would like to add that most CF roleplays which perform poorly are only lacking one or two of these elements. Don't worry, your roleplay is fine, and this is not singling out anyone in particular. Now, I hope you enjoy this information and tips.

The Build itself

The majority of people on CF in the current year seem to believe that the better roleplays will look the best, though from previous experience I have found that this is not always true. While the quality of the build may help with immersion, it is most often the structure of the build itself that helps the roleplay thrive. Add as much detail as you want, make it look pretty, but do this after you've figured out where everything is going to go

The biggest thing to make your roleplay pop? Space!

Using space wisely is one of the biggest issues I've found in CF roleplays. If your build is too spacious, or doesn't have enough clear and open places for people to gather, then it will be very difficult for roleplay characters to find each other. I've seen some very great examples of this recently, for the most part inside lab roleplays. If you can structure your roleplay so that everything is subtly in an order, or build sections for the purpose of being roleplayed in, you will attract many more people. One build I found recently did it very well, making their build crazy tall, but hallways only 5 blocks wide and all the rooms close together. This gave the illusion of a larger building, while keeping everyone close together. If you can ensure that all players will be somehow forced to interact with or run into each other through your build, you've done it perfectly.

Roleplay Theming

What your roleplay is about is a huge topic for discussion. Everyone prefers their own kind of roleplay, but there is one essential thing that every roleplay needs.


If your roleplay can offer all players one core conflict at the beginning of the roleplay, then characters have the ability to pick sides and for opinions, which can carry the roleplay on for hours. This is one reason why I've found that Royals vs Rebels roleplays, and Danganronpa roleplays do very well on CF. They always have a starting conflict for characters to work around and roleplay off of, adding character development and plenty of RP time.

Roleplays lacking starting conflict, I know you may want the players to come up with their own conflict, but this is often very difficult for players. Not starting off on the same base, two characters may accuse one another of being evil, and both believe that in their lore the other did the evil thing. Stories overlap heavily, and some players don't want to put effort into starting a conflict. Waiting for someone to play a villain isn't a viable solution either, so please, make sure you have a starting conflict! This should correlate with the next important part of a roleplay.

The Story & Lore

The last most important part of making a roleplay flourish is the story. If you can sneak bits of important lore into names, small signs around the plot, heck fill your story board right up with a conflict and a mini history lesson on that conflict. Make sure people know as much as possible about the world they're entering. Roleplayers don't know what to do when they arrive at a story-less roleplay, much less one without a listed conflict, and especially one that's already started. As much information you can give to your roleplayers about the world lore, and in as few words or as small of a space as possible (I suggest using an unsigned book and quill for this) the better.

Offer your roleplayers little bits to cling onto in your lore if you can, like "this group of people doesn't like __" or "The ___ tribe attacked the ___ tribe over fish." Anything that offers a reason for them to have character motivations right out of the box. Anything like this is sure to get people hyped to start, and possibly begin a 3 hour roleplay streak.

That's All For Now

I hope this section was helpful to anyone out there who might be struggling with getting people to stay at their roleplay. I know the build can't be changed once its complete, but if you can manage the second two points your RP is sure to flourish. If there's any points some of you fellow roleplayers missed, and would like me to talk about, please let me know. Thank you all, and I hope you have a lovely day.



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I like this a lot! its very useful because I've never actually considered any of these things besides making the build look good thanks for the advice I'll keep it in mind! <3