woundedXenon Art Corner :O

Is this really a corner? No, don't tell mom tho-
HI on my last art thread I was inactive on for a while and got it locked because I accidentally necroposted (sowwy u wu) so heres a new one B)
I'm not sure if I should repost the art from the other thread but for meow here's new art >:D
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Here's a piece I drew based of Peaches (my oc (the cat)) and Nolvion (@NightWishWolfe 's oc (the not cat)) after an interaction where the snow was too deep for the 3'8" feline bakery owner. The first time I thought I was done with this piece I realized, to my own demise, I forgot a l l of the snow in the picture after spending an hour on the background *facepalm* anyway, I finished it up the next day because after the snow incident I had to put the tablet down for a while - v-; so uh yEAH take it, print it out, put it on the fridge, show ur mom and/or dad idk-
(Side Note: Wowie Zowie CF did n o t like how big this file was I had to crop it like 3 times)
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I also actually just finished up a piece with an old OC named Bruno, who I decided to revamp. I redid his outfit, looks, and even re-introduced him to Legendary the other night so uh.. yeah.. here's a demon prince for all your demonly prince-y things I suppose *shrug*
(He actually currently only looks like the first image. Is the second image just me messing around or a spoiler? Only time will tell u wu)
What is UP homies, I have brought you more of my art. I'm currently in quarantine with my boyfriend for a bit which means its time to sit on my computer and Xbox for hours upon hours upon hours- but hey I was smart enough to bring my drawing tablet too which means I'll actually try and do art things for yall.
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This is a scene from a (kinda) recent rp (it was like a couple months ago oh no-) I did with my homies :D
The scene involved Freya, who hasn't been seen in public since The Battle of Hiraeth, and Everest, a barn owl harpy who has also been missing for a while since the war (but for different reasons of course). Freya has taken up a new hobby since the battle and required The Sword Of Life to bring back her dead lover, Kokoro. Apparently she thought using an innocent bird-man as hostage would help in said negotiations (Sorry Everest ; -; )
(also??? backgrounds are hard so that's why I just use the actual plot (cough cough /home Legendary) for reference u wu)
totally haven't been procrastinating waiting to post these so lets make it quick-
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This is a quick doodle of a lil sibling reunion between Freya and Fedya, both having not seen each other since they were kids.
(also Fedya is not short I swear he's just sitting down I didn't wanna draw the background or the bed he's in soRRY-)
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These two are Ashton the Moose Centaur and Bruno the Demon. Both these bois are princes of their respective (and vastly different) kingdoms
[Ashton being prince to a very tranquil kingdom in the woods and Bruno is prince to one of many violent kingdoms in the underworld]
The height different here IS actually accurate Ashton is tall as heck, being part moose n all (and being build like a Greek God also probably plays a part)
Ashton And Bruno u wu.PNG
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Okay last one yall know those like,, drawing bases you find off Google? Yeah I lost motivation one night and just shoved (basically) all of my OCs into that format to create... t h i s. I tried to find the poses that would best fit their personalities and this was actually really good for me because I realized I had never drawn some of my OCs before, so this is some of their first appearances on the page! :D
(The bunnies are missing names because I haven't actually introduced them yet but one day they're names will be revealed I promise)
Mah bbs1.jpg
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Otay folks that's all for my birthday art dump. I'm old and *glances at clock* its my bedtime :O
I should start doodlin' more soon, maybe I'll update this forum normally for once instead of going missing for
(almost) a month.

uhhh goodnight *kith*
[ More art?? And in a timely manner??? Couldn't be me- ]
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I drew smore Fedya for y'all, but in his current.. *cough* bunny state *cough*
You can either blame or thank the orb man, @Innominandum_ for this bunny transformation, I personally think its kinda cute :p
Fedya was just chillin in the hospital in Domnum after being attacked by a bear (wow rude) when his sister found him (refer to first pic in last post hAh-) and uh,, decked him right in the schnoz for "betraying her" (complicated family stuff yknow?). ThEN to top it all off, the orb dealer, Inno, came in and just dropped an orb on the poor dude while he was sleepin' and *poof* now he has some fluffy ears and a tail c::
Bunny Fedya.jpg
[Also I'm making an imaginary petition for bunny characters to tie their ears up in a lil ponytail when they're working 'cos I mean,, look at it,, so adorable ^ w^ ]