OFFICIAL ChatMod Application Template

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ChatMod Application Template & Info

Thank you for your interest in becoming a staff member! We are always looking for new candidates.
To create a ChatMod application head on over to the #apply-for-chatmod channel in our discord server.
This link will take you to our discord server:

Welcome to the staff application format thread! Here you can find the format and instructions on applying for staff correctly! If you are interested in helping out the community and would like to apply for a position on our team, simply read this thread and follow the further instructions!

About the Staff Team
The Staff Team helps ensure that all rules are being followed on the server and do the best to make sure that all players are safe and having fun on the server. Staff Members are an essential part of the server and we are always looking for potential candidate's to fill the role.

Discussing your application
While making an application can take quite some time, it can also take our Staff some time to get to your application. There are tons of applications that they have to go through, so please be patient.
If you do not receive a response (not verdict) within a week of posting your application, please privately message a staff member on the forums. Please refrain from mentioning your application to a staff member, this will leave your application to be instantly denied.

Please do not tag staff members in your application, we always read every single application and will get to yours.

  • You must have a minimum of 10 in-game resolved reports.
  • Failure to follow the correct format will result in the thread being locked immediately.
  • Failure to answer all questions will result in the thread being locked immediately.
  • Do not copy other player's applications or it will be locked immediately.
  • Must be on the server for at-least a month before applying.
  • One application per applicant at a time or all applications will be locked.
  • Must wait 1 month before making another ChatMod Application after it is locked.
  • Must have a Discord account before making a ChatMod Application.
  • If your application has not been locked after 2 months of being up, feel free to make a new application.
  • Title your application as "Username's ChatMod Application".
  • Please copy/paste and fill in the format below in your application.
  • Do not apply if you are currently staff on other servers.
  • Ex-Staff must wait 3 months after resignation or demotion to apply again.
In order to apply, simply answer each question below to the best of your abilities.

Application Format

  • What is your Minecraft Username?

  • What is your Discord Account Tag?

  • What is your Age?
    (Please list the age that you are currently on the day of making your application: Must be 13 or older)

  • What is your TimeZone?
    (This helps us communicate better with the team and gives us an idea of the time that you are available)

  • When did you first join Creative Fun?
    (You can use /seen on your name and this will display at the top about your first join date)

  • On average, how often are you online?
    (How many hours do you spend typically on CreativeFun on a daily basis)

  • Have you ever been warned, muted or banned?
    (If so, please explain why. This includes all platforms: Server, Website and Discord)

  • Have you ever been Staff on Creative Fun before?
    (If so, please explain why you were demoted. If you resigned explain why you resigned.)

  • What would make you a great Creative Fun ChatMod?
    (Give detailed reasons here, requires minimum 2 paragraphs)

  • How do you report players on the server?
    (Explain how you report a message in-game)

  • What is your report ratio?
    (You can find this information on your scoreboard)

  • How do you report players on the website?
    (Explain how you report inappropriate builds, griefs, inappropriate signs etc using the website)

  • Do you understand if you fail to notify Staff of absences (1 week+) you may be demoted?
    (Yes or No)

  • If you have mental health issues you should not apply because being staff on the server can be a stressful job. Confirm that you are mentally prepared for the staff position.
    (Yes Or No)

Applications are only seen by staff and your information will never be shared to the public!
You will receive a message on either discord or in-game with more information if you have been accepted.​
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