08 Jul
Build Contest Winners - July 2019 SuperMonis

Hi all,

I'd just like to personally thank everyone who submitted a build for this competition. We had a lot of great submissions but in the end there can only be three winners! Don't worry though, if you didn't win there's always next time. We plan to do another build competition in August with some new judges. I'd like to thank our judges @Kqwi, @Gallattea and @hellspqwn for doing an amazing job at organising the competition and all the entries.

In First Place... @Uncomfortable!

In Second Place... @DoctorClank!

In Third Place... @Daazo!

We will be contacting the winners and asking whether they would like to give their rank to a friend or use it on their own account.
That's all for now, hope...
06 Jul
1.13.2 Update SuperMonis

Hi all,

The 1.13.2 Update is live!
I'm pleased to announce that the server has finally made the official move from 1.12.2 to 1.13.2. Using the 1.12.2 client will no longer work so make sure you're using 1.13.2 when connecting to the server. None of the new blocks have been banned or limited apart from the conduit which is limited to 2 per chunk. All of the new items will work apart from the throwing mechanic of tridents (similar to bows), the new potions and the debug stick. A lot of effort has been put into customizing the new command prompts and tabbing to make things easy for new players but they should all be working correctly. Some commands may be broken such as the item and itemdb command but these are being worked on and over the next few weeks we will be fixing various issues. In addition to this, roleplay names and roles can now be a maximum of 16 characters and nametag colors should be working with the correct color codes.

Server stability
In terms of server stability there are definitely some issues with the server causing it to crash every couple of hours, we are investigating the cause of this but please be patient with us while we work on it. I expected a lot of problems related to crashing to be resolved as it has been a year since the 1.13.2 release...
08 May
New website and store design SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed the website now has a new design, we've also taken this opportunity to redesign the store page which was pretty outdated. The store link has been changed from to, the old link will still work however it's better to use the new link to ensure you don't encounter any issues accessing the store page. The navigation buttons on the store page have been moved from the bar to the right side of the page, to view the ranks click on the "Purchase Ranks" button:

To preview what each rank entails, click on the picture or the button of the rank. This will display a window explaining what perks you get.

In addition to this, we have simplified common links to names so that it is easier to remember.

This includes: - To view all staff members - To view the rules - To learn the different features the server provides

The staff page has also been updated to look a lot more organised and will always be kept up to date:

That's all for now, catch you in the...
27 Mar
Progress Report - 27/03/2019 SuperMonis

New IP
It has been around a month since we have changed our IP so just to be clear, if you are having issues connecting to the server please make sure you are using the new IP:

Build Contest
There will be a build contest starting on April the 1st and a post will be made on the home page explaining what the theme is and how to enter. The winners will be announced on a post in the beggining of May. The winner of the last contest @window456123 will have their CFBC rank taken away from them at the start of this new build contest and will have to defend their title.

VPN and Proxies
Due to recent bot attacks and bans being bypassed we have implemented a strict new filter to prevent these connections from happening. If you have any issues with being flagged as a VPN/Proxy user please message me on the website or discord and I will be able to sort this out for you.

13 Jan
Plot Staff SuperMonis

Hi everyone, in this post I will be outlining how to use the new plot staff feature.

What can plot staff do?
  • Deal with role requests even if plot owner is offline
  • Remove role from a player or remove role from everyone on the plot
  • Use /announce on the plot
  • Create lock signs, role lock signs and staff lock signs
  • Claim exclusive staff roles
How to promote a player to plot staff?
To promote a player to plot staff use /plot promote <username>. They must be trusted on the plot to be promoted. A message will be sent on the plot letting everyone know that the player has been promoted. To demote a player from plot staff you can use /plot demote <username> or remove them from the plot.

How to view the plot staff?
To view the plot staff members of a plot you can use /plot staff. This will also display whether the staff are online or offline on your current server.

How many players can you promote on a plot?
You are only able to have a maximum of 10 players as plot...

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