03 Jul
Mute system rework SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

The mute system has gone through a complete overhaul, previously your mute duration would stack up depending on how many times you've been muted in the past but now each mute offence has its own mute duration scale. For example, if you get a 5 minute mute for inappropriate speech and then a few hours later you get muted for spam your mute duration would be 2 minutes. This is because the punishment scale for inappropriate speech starts at a 5 minute mute and the punishment scale for spam starts at a 2 minute mute. You can find the punishment scale for each mute offence on the rules page. This mute system is a lot more fair than the previous mute system and will be helpful to many players.
25 Dec
Save roleplay names SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

This is an announcement about a quality of life feature which now allows you to save your roleplay names! This is a feature for [$10] Supporters and above.

Rank [$10] can save up to 3 roleplay names
Rank [$55] can save up to 5 roleplay names
Rank [$100] can save up to 20 roleplay names

How to save a roleplay name
To save a roleplay name make sure you've set your roleplay name first using /rpname [name] and then use /rpname save.
In this example I will be using /rpname Mr.Invincible and then /rpname save. To create gradient names you need to be a Rank [$100], you can use this website to help you:

How to list your saved roleplay names
To list your saved roleplay names you can use /rpname list
You can click on (Use name) and the server will automatically set your roleplay name the way you saved it, to delete a saved roleplay name you can click on (Delete name):
09 Nov
Proximity local chat SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

We've added a proximity command for local chat, the command is /proximity [number of blocks]. These are the following ranges you are able to set: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400. You can reset your proximity by using /proximity reset. You can also use /proximityfocus to view messages outside of your set proximity range in a different color. This is a toggle command so if you want to disable proximityfocus just run the command again. This can help you focus on messages within your proximity while keeping an eye on messages outside of your range in a different color. If you are a Rank [$45] and above you can customise the color for messages outside your proximity range with /proximityfocus <hex code>. To reset the color back to default you can use /proximityfocus reset

How it works
If a player has their proximity set to 50 blocks they will only be able to see messages sent within 50 blocks from where they are standing. When you have proximity enabled your messages in local chat will be prefixed with the proximity that you set but only you will see this prefix in chat. The prefix is a reminder for the player that they have proximity enabled, other players will not see this prefix. For example if you set your proximity to...
30 Jun
Plot Staff chat channel SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

We've added a new chat channel to the server called "Plot Staff". To use this new chat channel you need to be the plot owner or a plot staff on the current plot you are standing in. This should make it easier for plot staff to communicate with each other while local chat is being used for roleplay.

How to enter the plot staff chat channel
To enter the plot staff chat channel use /plotstaff or /pst

How to disable the plot staff chat channel
If you don't want to see messages from the plot staff chat channel you can disable it in /chat:
11 Jun
Creating NPC's SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

Rank [$45] can now create up to 5 NPC's on each Creative server! Rank [$55] can now create up to 10 NPC's on each Creative server! This post will explain how to create an NPC, how to change the skin, how to change the name, how to give your NPC a message, how to make your NPC run a command, how to make your NPC head follow other players and how to change your NPC to different mobs in the game. Only the plot owner can create an NPC.

Creating an NPC
In this example I'm going to use /npc create Super
This will create an NPC called Super:

Changing the display name of an NPC

In this example I'm going to use /npc displayname Super <rainbow>Friendly Citizen
If you want to use hex codes for an NPC please use this website to create them in the correct format, &# will not work! This plugin uses a different method for translating hex colors but this website will be able to give you the necessary format: Example: <color:#70ffcb>
Super is the name of the NPC I created and Friendly Citizen is the display name I want to give it:

Changing the skin of an NPC
In this example I'm going to use...

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