07 May
Plot Minigames Concept SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

I wanted to make a post to see what the community thinks about my new concept for the server. As of right now my artistic vision for the server feels greatly limited, a lot of our server updates have been roleplay related or build related but I feel like I'm working within a small box. I have personally never been fond of minigames because of how repetitive and mundane they are but I know that there is a large portion of the minecraft community that enjoy minigames. With that being said I would like to propose my own unique concept for minigames on the server and gather feedback from the community on whether I should pursue this idea.

Plot Minigames Concept
So what do I mean by plot minigames? Essentially my idea is to allow players to use their own plots with their own builds to host various minigames on. If you wanted to host team deathmatch or capture the flag on a mansion you've built for example you would be able to run some commands to set up the spawn points, flag destination and allowed build area. You would be able to save and load your minigame setup so there's no need to worry about setting spawn locations every time you wanted to host the minigame. There would of course be a guide on the forums about how to set up the minigame with different...
08 Mar
Server Progress - 08/03/2021 SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

Over the past month we have fixed many long standing bugs and added many quality of life improvements to our existing features. This post will go over some of the most notable changes.

Changes to the report system
There is now an extra option in the player report GUI which gives you the ability to add a note to a report, this can be useful in scenario's where a staff member is not able to understand why a certain message has been reported such as players swearing in different languages for example. The new option is next to the green wool block and uses the nametag icon while being titled "Add a note to the report".

When clicking on the "Add a note to the report" option another GUI will open where you will be able to write a short note. Remember to click on the green wool block once you have finished writing your note:

Cancelling a report
You are now able to cancel a report if you happen to have clicked the wrong message, simply click on the "CLICK HERE" option in red to cancel a report:

Viewing your report history
While this feature has existed for a while it has never been documented on the...
22 Jan
Toggle Announcements SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

Recently we have been pushing out frequent updates every few days that players have suggested to us and I am pleased to announce that you can now toggle the server announcement messages with /settings. The option is called "Server Announcements".

Here is an example of what a server announcement looks like:

You can now disable seeing these server announcements in chat with /settings:

Chat Filter
We have seen a large reduction of false positives with the new changes that were made to the chat filter last week and have fixed several false positives that we have logged over the week so you should notice an improvement. As always, we will continue to monitor the normal words that are getting blocked when they shouldn't and hope to have these fixed every week.
18 Jan
Lighting Updates SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

Lighting glitches have become a bigger problem ever since we updated from 1.13 however some significant performance improvements have been made with the lighting engine on the server which is why I am now confident that there should be no problems with giving all players access to fix lighting glitches on a plot. This thread will list the limitations of the fixlighting command and also explain changes to how WorldEdit will deal with lighting.

How to fix lighting glitches
The new command to fix lighting glitches is /fixlight <radius>
The maximum radius you are allowed to specify is 25
You can only run this command once every 30 seconds
You can only fix lighting glitches if you are the owner of the plot

WorldEdit and lighting

Previously we were setting every chunk section that WorldEdit modified to have its skylight level set to 15, this would make things bright even though they are not supposed to be.
Here's an example:

WorldEdit will now correctly light every chunk section it modifies.
Here's an example:

Plot clear light glitches
At the moment plot clearing does not use the new lighting engine that we are using in...
15 Jan
Chat Filter Update SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

The chat filter has been a big problem for a good few years now but I think it's time to finally address this problem once and for all.

Changes to the chat filter
We have made some big changes with the chat filter which reduce a large amount of false positives that players were running into. The problem with taking this approach is that it is now easier to bypass the chat filter however for situations where a player is found to be bypassing the chat filter we encourage users to report those messages so that staff may deal with them. There are still normal words that may be getting filtered because they contain a bad word however this would only affect a small percentage of words and can be fixed once they are all logged.

Water flow
Water flow was previously disabled due to performance issues related to 1.13 and physics however we have made some significant performance improvements over the past few months with 1.16.4 so we have enabled water flow again.

Boats and Minecarts
On the next server restart you will be able to place a maximum of 6 vehicles in a plot, so you could have 3 boats and 3 minecarts per plot or just 6 minecarts for example if you don't care about boats.

Rule changes
Over the upcoming...

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