02 May
Build Contest - Deadline May 30th SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

It's time to host a server wide build contest! This contest is open to all players including staff.
The top 3 finalists of the contest will be awarded with a rank or rank upgrade depending on what their current rank is. If you're a $100 donator rank and you win, you'll be given the option to choose who you want to give the rank to. First place will receive $35, second place will receive $25 and third place will receive $10. The contest ends on May 30th and a home page post will mention the winners and showcase their builds.

How to participate?
When you have finished your build you need to make a post on this thread with your username, the server it was built on and the plot ID. You can find your plot id by using /plot info
  • Username: SuperMonis
  • Server: Creative2
  • Plot ID: -22;-115
  • Build:
The theme for this round is Japanese, you can build anything japanese-related that you want.

Criteria that will help you stand out:
  • Detailing: The details used to bring a build to life, enhancing the theming and style by adding related assets or...
01 Mar
Server Progress - 01/03/2020 SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

This post is just to give an update on the current situation with 1.15.2 progress. As of now we plan to have the server updated to 1.15.2 (or 1.16 if it is released soon) at some point in May with a lot of the basic WorldEdit commands working. In this post I'll be highlighting the remaining features that need to be implemented along with a time frame on how long they will take.

Implementing //undo and //redo
Every WorldEdit operation needs to be stored in some type of readable way within a database so that you are able to use the undo or redo command. Thousands of blocks need to be compressed and stored in this database in an efficient manner. [Estimated time of completion: 1 - 2 weeks]

WorldEdit operations need to perform a lighting updated on blocks that are being modified, this needs to be done in an efficient way. [Estimated time of completion: 1 - 2 weeks]

Locking threads
The server needs to ensure that the thread being used by WorldEdit is not modified by anything else on the server to ensure that world corruption issues do not occur, this is a delicate process and will require some in depth testing to make sure that it is safe for the live server. [Estimated time of completion: 1 week]

Slowly support...
28 Sep
Server Progress - 28/09/2019 SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

I wanted to make this post to explain the current status of the server and what our plans are going forwards feature wise. Our last major server update was the Plot Staff feature back in January and since then we have not made any new feature for the server. We have many plans to introduce new features to the server along with fixing current issues that have existed on the server for a while but everything has been put on pause while we start thinking about how to deal with Minecraft updates.

Current situation
1.13.2 was a big update, we have spent a lot of time during the past few months on making the server stable on 1.13.2 to the point where it actually performs better than how it did on 1.12.2. A major overhaul had to be done for a lot of our plugins but the main reason for the long wait was because the WorldEdit plugin we use on the server took a very long time to update. Realistically, I do not believe it is feasible for us to wait half a year every time there is a new minecraft version just because our WorldEdit plugin has not been updated.

The 1.14.4 Update
There are many chunk loading and performance problems in 1.14, it is not practical for us to update to this version as Mojang has stated that they plan to fix performance...
07 Sep
Data Loss SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

We've had to keep the server shutdown due to an issue with our SSD's failing. Any data on Creative1 and Creative2 from May 5th to September 6th is lost however we were able to restore everything for Creative3. SSD failure is very rare and all of our recent backups have also been affected by the data getting corrupted which is why we were only able to restore data from up to May 5th. A lot of effort was spent trying to recover as much data as possible to make sure that we would not need to wipe the entire server. Home names have been reset so be sure to claim the name you want as soon as possible, you will also need to repromote plot staff. I know that this is very disappointing news but we have been using this downtime to further improve our current setup to ensure that nothing like this will ever happen again and I will be going over the changes we have made to our new setup.

The damage
Any data on the server will be mirrored in real time to another SSD on the machine, in addition to this we have been working with our provider to set up automated backups directly to google drive in case both the main SSD and the mirrored SSD were to ever fail. The server cpu has been upgraded to the best processor currently available to help us better prepare for the 1.15...
06 Jul
1.13.2 Update SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

The 1.13.2 Update is live!

I'm pleased to announce that the server has finally made the official move from 1.12.2 to 1.13.2. Using the 1.12.2 client will no longer work so make sure you're using 1.13.2 when connecting to the server. None of the new blocks have been banned or limited apart from the conduit which is limited to 2 per chunk. All of the new items will work apart from the throwing mechanic of tridents (similar to bows), the new potions and the debug stick. A lot of effort has been put into customizing the new command prompts and tabbing to make things easy for new players but they should all be working correctly. Some commands may be broken such as the item and itemdb command but these are being worked on and over the next few weeks we will be fixing various issues. In addition to this, roleplay names and roles can now be a maximum of 16 characters and nametag colors should be working with the correct color codes.

Server stability
In terms of server stability there are definitely some issues with the server causing it to crash every couple of hours, we are investigating the cause of this but please be patient with us while we work on it. I expected a lot of problems related to crashing to be resolved as it has been a year since the 1.13.2...

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