08 Jan
Inspecting Grief SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

All players have access to our logging tool with the /co inspect command. In the example below I'll be explaining how to use this tool effectively to find grief. Only Moderators and above can fix grief by performing a rollback. If you have been griefed, make sure you report it to a Moderator or Admin and they will be able to restore your build.

Inspecting block changes
You can use the /co inspect command which will will allow you to inspect block changes by left clicking on a block to see who placed it or right clicking on a block that has been removed to see who removed it.

Block placements
You can inspect who has placed a block by using /co inspect and then left clicking on the block. In this example I built a house with acacia_planks:

Broken blocks
You can inspect who has broken blocks by using /co inspect and then right clicking in the space where the block used to be. In this example I broke the acacia_planks that I had placed for my house:

How long is this information stored for?
Block logging is purged after 3 months.

23 Dec
Purchasing ranks SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

This is an important announcement about donations, you no longer need to use PayPal to make donations. The store will now allow you to use a credit/debit card and also give you access to over 100 other payment methods. Players in the past have had issues with creating PayPal accounts so this change should allow you to donate if you were affected by this regardless of which country you are located in :) We've also added new perks to some of the donator ranks.

Donator [$10]
  • /rename: Create custom item names with support for colors and hex codes
    (Example: /rename &#6584abThe steve block)
  • /setloreline: Create custom lores of an item with support for colors and hex codes
    (Example: /setloreline 1 &#e8a0a5This is the first line)
Donator [$25]
  • /setbio: Create your own personal bio, this will be shown when players hover over your head in /friend list and hover over your name in chat
    (Example: /setbio I like to build houses and am online for 1-2 hours on weekdays at 7pm EST)
  • /speed [1-10]: Adjust your flying speed and walking speed
  • /echest: Access your enderchest with this command
Donator [$35]
  • /pweather: Change the weather...
26 Nov
Speed Command SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

You can now set the flying speed and walking speed on the server! This is a feature for [$25] Donators and above.

Setting your flying speed
When you are flying in the air use /speed [1-10] to set your flying speed, in this example I use /speed 10:

Setting your walking speed
When you are walking on the ground use /speed [1-10] to set your walking speed, in this example I use /speed 10:

Resetting your speed back to normal
To reset your speed back to normal use /speed by itself without a number
13 Nov
Personal Bio SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce the new personal bio feature! This is a feature for [$25] Donators and above. You can now set your own bio which can be displayed when players hover over your name in chat or hover over your head in the friend list command! In this post I will explain how to use this new feature.

Setting a personal bio
To set your own bio use /setbio [text]
In this example I'm going to use hex colors for my bio: /setbio &#99F7DAWelcome to my profile! &#F7DA99I'm usually online after school at 4pm PST. &#C9833DI mostly roleplay but currently I'm building a mansion for my friends. &#3BDDC7If I'm online feel free to message me I'm always up for a chat. &#C73BDDPeace!

How to view a personal bio
Your personal bio will be displayed in 3 different places.

When players hover over your name in chat:

When a friend hovers over your head in /friend list:

Players can use /bio [username] to view the bio of a player in chat:

How to delete your bio
You can use /delbio and your bio will be deleted
01 Sep
Download Builds SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

It is now possible to download your builds as a schematic file! This thread will explain how to use the //download command. This will allow you to keep a local copy of your builds on your own PC! You can only download builds on plots you own and plots you are trusted on. You can only download 500,000 blocks at a time.

Select the build you want to download
Get a WorldEdit axe and select the build you would like to download:

Copy the build with WorldEdit
Use //copy to copy the build to your clipboard:

Download the build:
Use //download, this will generate a link in chat:

Click on the link in chat and it will take you to a website, press the "Click here if your download doesn't start automatically" button:

Clicking on the button will download your build as a schematic file:

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