Plot Minigames Guide

Hi everyone,

This post will explain how to use the plot minigame feature, at the moment only team deathmatch is supported so this post will explain the process of creating a team deathmatch minigame on your plot. The post will also explain how to advertise your minigame.

Creating a minigame arena name
Firstly, you'll want to create a name for your minigame arena. You'll be using this name to activate, start and advertise your minigame to other players. In this example I'll be creating a minigame arena called "Castlemania" and I will set the gamemode as teamdeathmatch with /minigame create Castlemania teamdeathmatch.

Setting up your minigame arena

You won't be able to activate or start your team deathmatch minigame until you have setup the required parameters. You have to setup a lobby, redspawn, bluespawn and exit. You can use /minigame setup [name] to view the required parameters.

Minigame setup example
In this example I will be setting up the required parameters for my minigame arena. Firstly I'll be setting the lobby spawn point by going to the lobby area I've made on my arena and will then use /minigame setup Castlemania lobby. When players join your minigame they will be sent to the lobby.

Now that the lobby spawn point has been created we need to create the spawn point for the red team. Stand in the area and on the block that you want the red team to spawn on and use /minigame setup Castlemania redspawn. When the minigame starts the red team will be sent here and will also respawn here.

We need to create the spawn point for the blue team so stand in the area and on the block that you want the blue team to spawn on and use /minigame setup Castlemania bluespawn.

Finally we need to set the exit location for when the minigame ends, this is where players will be sent to after the game has ended so I'll be using /minigame setup Castlemania exit.

Custom kits

You can setup custom kits for your minigame, just wear the armor and hold the items you want in your inventory and then use: /minigame setup [name] kit

Activating your minigame
Now that you have setup your minigame arena you will need to activate it so I'll be using /minigame active Castlemania. You need to activate your minigame so that you can begin advertising your minigame in the advertising channel, players can only join a minigame if it is activated.

Advertising a minigame
Now that you've activated your minigame arena you can advertise it in the advertising channel by telling players to use /join [arena] in chat. In this example I'll be advertising my minigame arena which I named as "Castlemania". The server will automatically attach the player count next to your message.

If you don't want to see minigame adverts in the advertising channel you can disable them in /chat

Joining a minigame

Once the minigame has been activated players will be able to use /join Castlemania to join the minigame and will be sent to the lobby. When joining a minigame a GUI will appear and you'll be able to select a team to join.

When players select a team it will be announced in chat.

Starting a minigame
When 2 minutes have passed since activating your minigame the minigame will automatically start, to start the game sooner you can use /minigame start [arena]. A 10 second countdown on screen will begin before the game starts. In this example I will be playing a minigame with a friend.

During the minigame
At the start of the game players will be teleported to their respective team spawn point, by default players will start with a stone sword, a bow and 10 arrows. You'll also be able to view the time remaining in the action bar above your health. The team with the most amount of kills in total will win the game.

Spawn protection will prevent you from attacking the enemy team within a 5 block radius of their spawn

Bow's are enabled when you are in a minigame

Player death messages are announced on the plot

During a minigame you will not be able to view or send messages in any chat channel except for local chat.

End of the minigame
At the end of the minigame players will be teleported to the arena exit location and a message in chat will be sent announcing the team that has won the game and what their score was.

If you no longer want to host your minigame you can use /minigame inactive [arena], this will prevent players from joining the game.

How to view all of your minigame arena's
You can view all of the minigame arena's you own by using /minigame list

That's all there is to it! You're ready to create your own plot minigame now :)

Planned features
Before we release any new gamemodes we want to perfect team deathmatch. This includes adding more quality of life features and more customisability with your games. Here's a snippet for what we've got planned:
  • Hosting multiple minigames in the same plot
  • Minigame leaderboards to display the top 10 players with the most wins
  • Guilds
  • Custom death messages
  • Ability to customise the duration and player limit of a minigame
  • Option to enable building/breaking blocks on a map
  • Ability to add modifiers such as jump boost for example