Inspecting Grief

Hi everyone,

All players have access to our logging tool with the /co inspect command. In the example below I'll be explaining how to use this tool effectively to find grief. Only Moderators and above can fix grief by performing a rollback. If you have been griefed, make sure you report it to a Moderator or Admin and they will be able to restore your build.

Inspecting block changes
You can use the /co inspect command which will will allow you to inspect block changes by left clicking on a block to see who placed it or right clicking on a block that has been removed to see who removed it.

Block placements
You can inspect who has placed a block by using /co inspect and then left clicking on the block. In this example I built a house with acacia_planks:

Broken blocks
You can inspect who has broken blocks by using /co inspect and then right clicking in the space where the block used to be. In this example I broke the acacia_planks that I had placed for my house:

How long is this information stored for?
Block logging is purged after 3 months.

Inspecting WorldEdit grief
Hold an item such as paper for example and use the command /tool inspect, this will allow you to inspect WorldEdit changes.

In this example I am left clicking on the stone to see who created it with worldedit:

Who has access to perform a WorldEdit rollback?
Only Moderators and Admins can undo WorldEdit grief.