Purchasing ranks

Hi everyone,

This is an important announcement about store purchases, you no longer need to use PayPal to purchase a rank. The store will now allow you to use a credit/debit card and also give you access to over 100 other payment methods. Players in the past have had issues with creating PayPal accounts so this change should allow you to donate if you were affected by this regardless of which country you are located in :) We've also added new perks to some of the [$] ranks.

Rank [$10]
  • /rename: Create custom item names with support for colors and hex codes
    (Example: /rename &#6584abThe steve block)
  • /setloreline: Create custom lores of an item with support for colors and hex codes
    (Example: /setloreline 1 &#e8a0a5This is the first line)
Rank [$25]
  • /setbio: Create your own personal bio, this will be shown when players hover over your head in /friend list and hover over your name in chat
    (Example: /setbio I like to build houses and am online for 1-2 hours on weekdays at 7pm EST)
  • /speed [1-10]: Adjust your flying speed and walking speed
  • /echest: Access your enderchest with this command
Rank [$35]
  • /pweather: Change the weather for yourself
  • /book: Edit a book that has already been signed
Rank [$45]
  • Ability to edit signs by right clicking on them, you must be added or trusted to the plot to edit signs