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Hi everyone,

Today I'm proud to present the new reporting system that has taken quite some time to get working. In this post I'll be explaining how it works. If a report is accepted then every player that reported the user will get mail from the server letting them know that their report was accepted. Please note that creating up to 5 false reports will prevent you from using the report feature. The server will also send you mail if your report was marked as rejected.

How to report a player
In the screenshot below, a player can be seen saying "hopefully they make the animation" so you can click on the message to report it like this:

Confirming your report
This will bring up a menu where you can either confirm the report, add a note to the report or cancel it in case you clicked on the message by accident. Click on the green wool to confirm the report, you will be able to see a preview of the message you are about to report when you hover over the green wool block:

After clicking on the green wool block to confirm the report you will receive a message in chat letting you know that you have reported the message:

Adding a note to a report
The "Add a note to the report" option can be useful in scenario's where a staff member is not able to understand why a certain message has been reported such as players swearing in different languages for example:

When clicking on the "Add a note to the report" option another GUI will open where you will be able to write a short note. Remember to click on the green wool block once you have finished writing your note:

Closing the report menu
If you clicked on the wrong message you can either press escape or click on the red wool block to close the menu:

Cancelling a report
You are able to cancel a report if you happen to have clicked the wrong message, simply click on the "CLICK HERE" option in red to cancel a report:

Viewing your report history
You are able to view every report you have ever made on a player with the /reporthistory command and this will display whether the report was resolved or dismissed in a GUI.

Report ratio
The scoreboard on the right side of your screen will have a section labelled as "Report Ratio". This keeps track of your resolved and rejected reports. This is useful to see as you are able to apply for staff once you have a minimum of 10 resolved reports.
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