Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce that our new waypoint feature is now ready! This feature will allow plot owners to create locations that players can easily teleport to. You can create up to 20 waypoints per plot! This should make navigation on plots a lot easier, especially for roleplays or minigames. The waypoint feature allows both the plot owner and the plot staff to control which waypoints players should be able to access. This is not a replacement for homes, waypoints will allow players to set up custom names for multiple locations they want players to be able to teleport to easily when they are on a specific plot.

Creating a waypoint
To create a waypoint use: /setwaypoint <name>
<name> is where you name your waypoint.
Here's an example of me creating a waypoint named School: /setwaypoint School

Viewing a waypoint

You can use /waypoint and then space which will give you a tab completed list of current waypoints on the plot you are standing on.

Creating a waypoint sign
To create a waypoint sign write [Waypoint] on the first line and on the second line of the sign you must include the name of your waypoint.
Here's an example of a waypoint sign:

Using a waypoint
If your waypoint is set on your first Creative1 plot for example, you will only be able to use waypoints that are set on that plot.
In this example I'm using /waypoint school to teleport to the waypoint I created on this plot.

Toggling a waypoint
Both the plot owner and the plot staff have the ability to enable or disable access to individual waypoints.
You can bring up the waypoint menu by using /waypointtoggle.
This will display the current status of your waypoints and give you easy access to enable or disable individual waypoints by clicking on the [Disable] or [Enable] buttons. If you want to enable or disable all waypoints without having to click on each button you can use the [Enable All] or [Disable All] on the bottom of the menu.

Here is an example of me clicking on the [Disable] access button for the waypoint named "park" to prevent normal players from teleporting to that waypoint:

Using /waypointtoggle again will now show that the park waypoint is currently disabled:

This is what a regular player will see when they try using a waypoint that is disabled:

Deleting a waypoint
You can use /delwaypoint <name> to delete your waypoint.

You must be the plot owner in order to create a waypoint
You can only create 20 waypoints per plot


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Eep! I love this feature so much- Now I don't have to deal with people screaming at me asking where specific locations are in roleplays ;0;


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this might be one of the best features monis has added to cf (all of them are great ofc but this one is insane)